Friday, March 16, 2007

... AND Rolling ...

Brad Miller Is Aghast and Bewildered By The Devastating Supremacy Of The Crushernaut!
“Ah! Help me, Ron Artest! I am disoriented and defeated! I have beheld the power and spectacle of the Crushernaut. And it is malevolent!”

Heat beat the Kings. That's 9 in a row. 10-2 since D-Wade went down. The MSD Reverse Jinx has now hit ludicrous speed.

I really don’t have deep analysis or commentary. It’s 1:00 AM. I’ve been waiting to post since the game ended. But blogger took one of its massive dumps tonight and has been shut down for a while. I too have been suffering from a frail stomach tonight. I’m weak and near dehydration. Must’ve been the Ricardo Maltoban steak grilled taquitos.


Anyway, here's what I got: This winning streak is awesome. We’re winning without Wade. Shaq has been dominant. Eddie Jones has been playing out of his mind. James Posey is a human dynamo. Antoine Walker still shoots inexplicable threes at the most ill conceived times but he's done his share. The Heat are playing excellent team ball right now.

But make no mistake. This team has NO CHANCE of making a defending championship run of any kind without Dwyane Wade.

So let's hope for a full recovery for our MVP. And let's keep this thing rollin' ...



What a roll this team is on! Unbelievable! Def. agree that we need D-Wade back in the mix. I can imagine how good we can be with him at full tilt.

Say it! Say it! It's sexy like Ricardo Maltoban, CARRRRRRRRNE!

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