Friday, February 23, 2007

Yea, The Heat Without Wade Kinda Suck

The Heat started their Wade-less tour last night in Dallas. It was their first time back in Big D since winning Game 6 of the 2006 NBA Finals and clinching the championship (crazy how the better team lost the Finals on their own home court, huh?). And the result was pretty much what we all expected. The Heat got spanked. The Heat did the only thing they could do -- pound the rock inside to Shaq (he finished with 17 points. Not too shabby). But it wasn't enough. Geico And The Nut Grabber were just too much for the punchless Heat. But, hey, Dave Hyde feels good about this Wade-less team! That makes three of you, Dave.

And U is bringing his lunch pale every night:

"We're moving on," forward Udonis Haslem said of getting beyond Wade's injury. "Our prayers as a team go out to Dwyane, but at the same time we have a job to do."

Gotta love the Crushernaut!

Anyway ... here are your Friday Bullets:

- Wade is in fact considering season-ending surgery or a return after six weeks of rehab. I say surgery. Seriously. I don't want him rushing back and then having his arm fall off during the first round of the playoffs and worsten the situation. I'm thinking big picture here. Either way, it could be a while before we hear what D-Wade will do. What do you guys think?

- Ira W. says don't be surprised if Eddie Jones replaces Gary Payton in the starting lineup. Yes, please!!

- Tim Hardaway spoke with ESPN's Scoop Jackson. He says he has no 'hate bone in his body.' He'd just rather not see gay people holding hands or kissing in public. He's wrong. Obviously watching two dudes making out does something to Hardway's bone.

- The Herald's Jeff Darlington has breaking news that broke about two days ago.

- Dolphins 2007 season tickets will go on sale to the general public this Monday, February 26 at 10:00 a.m.

- Former Dolphins QB coach Jason Garrett remains confident Daunte Culpepper will get back to his old self, able to perform more like a Pro Bowl quarterback than the injured former star he was last season.
''I'm very confident,'' said Garrett, who recently accepted a job as the Cowboys' offensive coordinator. "He's a guy that has had a lot of success in this league. He has great football character, and all of the people that had him before said that. I know he's working hard to get back physically to where he has been.''

Yea... You know, I don't see it happening. Draft a quarterback, please.

Catch you guys on Monday. Unless something of major importance happens (i.e. a big game, Wade's injury update, Dolphins draft/free agent news, Antoine Walker's head explodes, etc.), I don't blog on the weekend. Weekends are for the beach, kayaking, beer, BBQ and chicks. Not necessarily in that order.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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Hope you have a great weekend Dude. I'm heading out to Marlins practice in Jupiter Saturday morning. Panthers game with box seats Saturday night and the Heat/Cavs game Sunday. Oh and I will be slipping the beach in there sometime as well.

Be safe and have a good one!

BTW. If Eddie Jones does not slide into the starting lineup soon, I am putting a hit out on GP.
That's awesome JD! I expect full coverage on all events over at SporTech.

Have fun and be safe, my man.
Dave Hyde makes some good points but I'm with you guys. I think the season is over. So I think Wade should opt for surgery. Given that it's an actual option, then do it. Something is damaged and will eventually need fixing. So do it now and come back next year strong.
As bleak as it looks, I think Wade should try to come back this season. If the Heat can manage to hang around and make the playoffs, then a rested Wade is all we need to make a run once the postseason starts. I don't see a difference between him getting surgery now or later. And I doubt the team doctors would risk further damage by giving him the green light to return after 6 weeks.
I agree. GP has been useless this season. He should've retired after winning his ring.

Have a great weekend everyone...

Hi. Love this blog. Keep up the good work.
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