Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Trent Green To The Dolphins?

The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that the Dolphins might be interested in trading for Chiefs QB Trent Green should he be made available. This coming on the heals of Kansas City re-signing backup quarterback Damon Huard to an extension yesterday.
I say no thanks. This was a great idea about six years ago. I’m sick of rehashed, recycled, injury prone players coming down here and I’m sick of giving up draft picks for them. And make no mistake about it -- KC is not going to give up Green for Akbar Gbaja-Biamilla and Wes Welker. They're going to want draft picks.
Trent Green is one good hit from becoming a head of lettuce. I’d rather keep my draft picks. And I'd rather take my chances with Daunte Culpepper and Cleo Lemon. That’s right. I said it.


This is how silly rumors start. I don't see KC letting Green go. Still, it speaks volumes about how dire and unknown our QB situation has become. I agree that giving up draft picks for an aging concussed QB is a bad idea. But Green is a proven winner. I guess it would all depend on what we'd give up for him. But, again, I don't see KC putting him on the block.
I agree that draft picks are going to be involved. Maybe not any picks from this year, but eventually. If that’s the case, I’d rather we’d give up picks for someone like Matt Shaub from the Falcons or even Jake Plummer if we’re that desperate.
Trading for Green might make sense. Should the Dolphins draft Brady Quinn (the Dude just creamed his pants!) it would make sense to have a veteran guy like Green at the helm while Quinn learns for a season (or two) on the sidelines. Culpepper is just too much of a liability. Not only is his leg busted up but he’s lost in his head. Cleo is inexperienced and unproven. That leaves us little wiggle room. The Chiefs are supposedly going to ask Green to take a pay cut and he’ll likely turn it down. The only caveat is, as you say, giving up draft picks. But like I said if we do draft a QB this April (Quinn or Stanton or other) then Green would be a nice fit here. Plus he still has a little gas left in the tank.
ya tittle,

I agree with you buddy. I do not trust Cleo to open the season competing with Daunte. I also don't trust that Cleo can step in and help this team win. Trent would provide serious motivation for Daunte to come back 100% and gives us the chance to win IF Daunte can't play this year. I would much rather go with Trent Green for 16 games rather then Cleo.

As long as we do not have to give up valuable draft picks, I'm all for this move.

Seriously. If we're gonna go after an old, over the hill QB, why don't we just sign Garcia or Plummer without compensation. Forget the fact that we already have one on our roster.

And jd, of course the Chiefs are gonna want draft pick(s) for him.
Well isn't this just jumping from the frying pan to the fire...this would make absolutely no sense when we are still dealing with the DC issue. I have a hunch about Lemon. He is unproven but the only way to counter that is opportunity and let's not forget, Lemon trained under Cam (our guy),Cam is a smart QB's man and I think the young man is hungry enough to give his all in attempts to prove his worth to this team...

I trust the Muel and Cam to make smart decisions. I don't think Green is the answer. Like B-Pudd said, if this is a serious discussion on the team's end then why not just go for Garcia or Plummer but we gotta stop handing out draft picks like the shit is cool because we are obviously seeing how it's the shittiest move that we've suffered for for the past non-playoff years.

DC, I don't know,I feel that he is determined to get better and prove that he's worthy at the position and i'm sure he's feeling the pressure but we won't know anything until we see the goods. I think Lemon should be giving an opportunity and this draft pick (QB) has to be the top priority.

Just my two wooden pennies...

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