Saturday, February 10, 2007

Seriously, Mark Cuban, This Is Getting Sad

Winners celebrate their triumph and then go on about their business while losers move on with their heads held high, knowing they gave it their all but fell short, and walk off with their dignity intact.
Or they cry and bitch and whine.
Let's look at what the Dallas Mavericks -- losers of the 2006 NBA Finals -- have chosen to do.
Mark Cuban on his team's Finals loss: "It might hurt less if we had lost to a better team. But we didn’t."

Jerry Stackhouse: "We’re the better team. Doesn’t matter what we think unless you show it and prove it. But man for man, if we’re playing our best and they’re playing their best, we are better. For a four-game stretch, they played unbelievable and we didn’t play well at all, and we were still in every game."

Jason "Ball-Grabber" Terry (talking with Gary Payton before a game between the two teams a few weeks ago): "You know you have something that belongs to me, right? You keeping my ring polished?"

And then there's Dirk Nowitzki and his comments about the Mavs "handing the title to the Heat."

And now, the Billion Dollar Penis is at it again on his blog.

It's basically the same old, rehashed lame bullshit about Dwyane Wade's frequent trips to the line, the same old rehashed lame bullshit about how the refs gave the title to the Heat (never mind that Dallas had a 2-0 series lead and the Heat on the ropes and couldn't close them out. You know? Like the better teams usually do).

Really, Mark. Shut the fuck up. Seriously. Your act used to be charming and fun to watch. Now it's deteriorated to a sad state of affairs. You're pathetic. You really are. You're like the funny monkey attraction at the zoo everyone raves about. But then the zoo brings in a new lion and everyone flocks to see that instead. So the monkey has to throw shit at people who walk by his cage just to get some attention.

That's you, Billion Dollar Penis. You're the shit-throwing monkey.

D-Wade spoke out because your whiney-ass bitches won't stop crying. Period. You are the ring leader for the biggest whiners in all of professional sports. It's a disservice to your fans, most of whom have actually been cool and conducted themselves with class after the finals. You can learn a thing or two from the very people who line your billion dollar pockets with tickets and merchandise sales.

Think about it, dick-head. You're leaving a loser's legacy in your wake. In the end, the only thing the Dallas Mavericks will be known for is losing the finals after taking a 2-0 series lead and then whining incessantly about it afterwards.

Nice legacy you're leaving for the city of Dallas and fans of the Mavs.

I guess I can try to understand the frustration you must feel. You were soooo close. And I've tried to see things from your point of view, but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass.

Poor sap.

I would end this post by giving you the finger. But only classless jackasses do that.

So, I'll just end it with this instead:

Love ya, Mark. Stay as classy as ever...

Updates: The always awesome True Hoop weighs in on Cuban's latest fiasco. JD of SporTech Matter was the first to bring all the recent Mavs whining to our attention and now he too gives us his thoughts. As does Heat blog Miami Heat Wave. So far only one Mavs fan has written in the MSD comments. He defended his team well, as he should, so it's cool. We may get more, we may not. Like I said, my beef is with the whiney Mavs players and with Cuban, especially. I can always say this about Mavs fans -- you can actually have an intelligent conversation/debate with them and not have them turn into mindless gorillas like Pistons fans.
Oh, and GO HEAT!


Awesome Dude. I actually hope Cuban gets a hold of this post. What a crackpot that jack ass is. Dallas is playing exceptional basketball right now -- as they usually do. Why do they have to ruin it by acting like such babies?! It starts with the Billon Dollar Penis.

Dick head.

CUBAN Is a Communist Cross Dressing Basterd Who downloads Ana Nicole Smith Videos!!
Nice post. Wade's comments were overdue. To think that some people are complaining about what Wade said, but all he's doing is sticking up for himself and his team. Something leaders do.
Is that Culpepper at the bottom of that first Cuban pic you linked to ("losers")?

How appropriate!

Anyways... meh. Cuban is a blowhard dickwad. Who cares what he says, really? But I do agree that Wade --or somebody-- had to step up and say something. The whining over in Dallas has been going on and on and on... jesus christ they're sore losers.

Like Robert said, Wade is a class act and usually a quiet guy. But push him and he'll push back. That's what Billion $ Penis needs to understand.
"In the end, the only thing the Dallas Mavericks will be known for is losing the finals after taking a 2-0 series lead and then whining incessantly about it afterwards."

As a Mavs fan (you linked to my Mav champ tee) I can't disagree with most of your smack, but last season wasn't the end. The Mavs lead the NBA with 41 wins and the 24-win Heat wouldn't even make the playoffs in the West today.

If you want to glory in the Heat, you better get it out of your system while you still can.
Fair enough Rogers. I recognize that the Mavs are a great team. And yes, the Heat are doing their annual "flirting with mediocrity" right now. And, like I said, most Mavs fans and blogs I've run into have been cool and classy about all this.

It's just that we Heat fans are sick and tired of the whining that certain Mavericks players have droned on about endlessly since we won the NBA championship. Now Cuban comes out and attacks our guy on his blog and calls him out, when all Wade was doing was defending himself and his teammates after Dirk's comments (that seemed to be the last straw for D-Wade).

It's certainly not about getting it out of our system as it is reveling in it. We're the 2006 NBA champs and NOTHING will ever take that away from us. Cubes can cry all he wants and it won't change the fact that we won and he lost. Period.

So, yea ... we're glorying in it. It's awesome.
Look, it's the Mavs and their wimpy owner crying again, may I mention...still without a ring that now comfortably rests on DWade's finger, hopefully middle finger that he showed to Dirk, Cuban and the rest of you clowns in the finals. I don't ever want to hear or see any more crying from the sore losers often called Mavs. Congrats on another great regular season and a choke job in the playoffs, to be repeated in '07! Yes DWade is a leader and a winner unlike Dirk and Cuban, and he beat the living crap out of your entire team in the Finals, single-handedly nonetheless!!! Something that Dirk could not do! And I don't want to hear anymore crying about the calls or the refs, it's all part of the game and Wade got the calls because he goes hard to the hole, unlike Mr. Softie, aka Dirk. Newsflash: you won't get the calls if you shoot jumpers Dirk! Oh, and this here says it all: Wade outscored Dirk 152-97 or something "embarassing" like that!! So who is the leader now Mark? True leaders lead by example and DWade did that while Dirk folded a lawn chair. So congrats to DWade and the Heat and I'll be looking forward to another choke job in the playoffs by the Mavs this year!!
"That's you, Billion Dollar Penis. You're the shit-throwing monkey."

LMAO...classic Dude!

the only thing worse than having a billion dollar dick and whining is having Dirk pull it out of his purse when needed...

2006 World Champs...nuff said!

good post, Dude...

The SteinCuber should concentrate on ripping his own. Jeez, he protects these underacheivers so much, I half-expect him to bust out a tit and breast-feed the little bed-wetters...

Hey, is that Dirk pulling up for another 20-footer?
None e: Nice of you to stop by! Thanks for reading/commenting. And the "SteinCuber" thing is pretty funny.

Great point on Dirk's LACK of attacking the basket. Maybe Cube's perception of the refs would change if Dirk did attack like a certain (apparently) leadership-deficient super star often does.
I seem to remember the Mavs doing a similar thing to us (the Suns) 2 years ago when we beat them in the Western Conference semi-finals - saying things like how they were the better team and they should have won it, blah, blah, blah. It was very insulting.

Wade was absolutely correct to stand up for his team like he did.

The way I see it, if the Mavs were the superior team, they would have won it. They would get to call themselves the superior team is they had won it - but they didn't. Part of being a great team is what you achieve as a team, not just what you have the potential to achieve.
Look at the Clippers this year - we all know how much they have the potential to do. But they're not doing it, and that's why they're not a great team.

The Mavs just need to admit that when it counted, they didn't get it done, and the Heat did.
Thanks for stopping by, Jess. I actually always wondered what a Suns fans' take on all this was. If the Mavs whined as much about losses to Phoenix, seeing that there's a rivalry there.

Hopefully if D-Wade comes back this year, we can meet you guys in the finals. I think that would be an entertaining finals. Either way, my disdain for the Mavs has grown so much that I'm rooting big time for you guys to beat them in the playoffs -- regardless of what happens to the Heat.
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