Monday, February 05, 2007

Okay, I'm Back!

Well ... I'm back. Glad to say I survived my trek and took down the bad guys like I was hired to do. Found what I was looking for, collected my bounty and headed home to count my money.

I've missed quite a lot while I was gone. But I'm sure JD kept you updated. What the hell am I talking about? 'Course he did. JD blogs like every goddammed day. Damn I suck. Sorry.

It's time to mount up and ride hard to catch up to him. Time to blog my ass off as we go over the important matters in Miami sports! ...

Ready? I am! Here we go ...

Oh wait. I forgot. I TiVoed tonight's episode of 24 while I was at work. Gotta go. Jack Bauer has lives to save and I gotta be there, damn it! Put that gun down!!!

I'll catch up with you all tomorrow. Promise.

Welcome back Dude!
Welcome back Dude! Hope you had a good time. We held down the fort for you.
good to have you back!
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