Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Not Good

Dwyane Wade left tonight's game with what appeared to be a serious shoulder injury. Wade got tangled up with Houston's Shane Battier during a play. Wade then walked to the bench as he grimaced in pain. ESPN showed closeups of team physician Ron Culp examining Wade's shoulder. It appeared that D-Wade couldn't move the shoulder and he seemed to scream in pain at one point. Soon after, he was helped into a wheelchair and taken to the locker room.

Of all the times we've seen Wade hit the floor or grimace in pain or walk off with an injury, this by far looked the worst. It was obvious that he was in excruciating pain. No details yet on what the doctors found.

Oh and the Heat lost to Houston 112-102.

Update: ESPN News is reporting that Wade has been taken to a Houston area hospital.
Update 2:
Sun-Sentinel's Ira Winderman says that the team is calling Wade's injury a dislocated left shoulder.
Update 3: The Herald also says that the Heat are calling it a dislocated left shoulder. It is an injury that could potentially sideline Wade for up to six weeks.
Update 4:
Wade returned to Miami to undergo further tests on his dislocated shoulder. Results of the second round of tests are not yet known.


Season, over.
dammit, if the boys can pull together and get us into the post-season this may not be over yet. We all know if Dwade gets back for the playoffs he will be there with a mission.
Jesus, I hope you're right, b.a.c.

What a nightmare! The one thing we DIDN'T need to happen. And I see all these Heat haters rippin Wade for leaving on a wheel chair. Hey, assholes, the medical staff ordered him to get into the wheel chair to avoid further injury.
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