Wednesday, February 07, 2007

National Signing Day

It's National Signing Day and the Hurricanes have boosted their class with a solid overall day of recruits signing letters of intent.

Starting with the top ranked prep school running back, Graig Cooper from Milford Academy in New York. As well as top flight DB Doug Wiggins. The Hurricanes also made a big splash by signing talented Homestead DB Joseph Nicolas, who had originally commited to sign with Rutgers.
Another big signing was highly recruited CB from Pace, DeMarcus Van Dyke. The prized cornerback recruit was deciding between the Canes and National Champions Florida Gators. ''I visited Florida," Van Dyke said. "And everything just felt fake up there. I wanted to be a Hurricane.''

Their biggest signing, according to, could be DE Allen Bailey from Darien, Georgia. Bailey is ranked at No. 20 in ESPN's Top 150 recruits.

The most notable signing, however, comes in the form of a highly recruited quarterback. Tampa Plant's Robert Marve commited to the Canes after being heavily recruited by Alabama (up yours, Saban!). Marve is a 4 Star rated QB by and is projected to become one of the top quarterbacks in the NCAA in the coming seasons.

With Cooper on board and touted as the next great UM running back and with Marve taking over under center in the next couple of seasons, the once-deficient Canes offense is suddenly showing a lot of promise. The Canes are also expected to add athletic speedy WR Jermaine McKenzie and already have talented freshman WR Sam Shields on their roster.

Overall, a solid signing day for the Canes.

Here's the rest of UM's Recruiting Class. And some video as well.



I'd heard that Marve had actually verbally committed to 'Bama, before backing out and switching to the Canes.

Hilarious, and definitely poetic justice toward Saban.
Thanks for the breakdown Dude. I've been hearing how Shannon has been doing a bang up job in recruiting this year. Good stuff!
Florida and USC kicked ass today with their signings. But the Canes did fine too. Looks like Randy's first class is looking pretty good and this is just the beginning. Great job by him and his staff.
Ron Zook kicked some ass today for Illinois as well. Idiot Gators fans won't talk about it but it's Zook's class that won the National Championship this season.

That said ... Glad we screwed Dick Saban with Marve and that prep school kid looks pretty good.

rojo, we def needed to screw Dick Saban. Especially after what he pulled today.





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