Wednesday, February 28, 2007

MSD NFL Combine Report: Wide Receivers

It’s that time of year again! Time for a bunch of old men with clip boards & whistles to gather around and poke, prod, touch and ogle young athletic men standing around in their underwear. That’s right. It’s the NFL Scouting Combine! And it’s here that we’re going to scout the NFL’s future. The MSD takes a look at the Dolphins needs (in no particular order):

Combine Report, Part Three: Wide Receivers:

First of all, Calvin Johnson is a freak of nature. The 6’5, 239 lbs. wide receiver arrived at the combine with no intentions of running the 40 yard dash. He eventually changed his mind, borrowed somebody’s shoes and then clocked in a 4.35. Did I mention that he’s 6’5, 239 pounds? If I were the Raiders and held the number one pick, I would not hesitate. Calvin Johnson is the best player in this draft class.

Now on to receivers the Dolphins actually have a shot at drafting …

Ohio State wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. – Chris Chambers’ choice for number one pick – chose not to run at the combine, so there’s little to report here on him. He remains the second best receiver on most experts’ lists.

Robert Meachem of Tennessee made some noise at the combine. The dude can fly. He blazed in a 4.38 in the 40. He also showed a lot of agility during drills, displaying a good set of hands and great instincts for different kinds of passes. He was especially impressive during the over-the-shoulder drills, using his blazing speed while adjusting to the passes with fluidity. He was also praised for his sharp route running during the individual drills.

Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio State also upped his stock. He ran a 4.44 40 and was very impressive running the three cone drill. He also measured a 38” vertical jump and a 10’3 broad jump. He looked sharp during all his drills and ran a 4.08 in the shuttle drill, which is very solid.

Steve Smith of USC clocked in a 4.37 40 and showed great athleticism during each of his drills. He scored a 6.68 during the three cone – tops in his group – and a 38” vertical jump. Smith has slowly been moving up the charts and he did plenty to up his draft day stock.

Dwayne Bowe of LSU is another large athletic receiver who impressed. He measured in at 6’2, 221 lbs. and ran a 4.51 40. Not a blazer but still good for a guy his size. He also measured a 10’5 in the broad jump and a 6.81 in the three cone drill. All solid numbers for a player of his size.

The fastest receiver at the combine: Kansas State’s Yamon Figurs, who ran clocked in at 4.30. He also ran a 4.21 shuttle. Two words: Devin Hester.

Wide receiver is a tricky position to scout. Speed is very important but so are ball hawking skills and football instincts. That’s why most track stars who try out or the NFL fail at it. Agility, catching and instincts are all what matter. If you’ve got blazing speed to boot, then all the better. That’s why I’m not enamored with the receivers in this class after Calvin Johnson. Ted Ginn Jr. is fast but lacks good size and Dwayne Jarrett of USC, who many see as the 3rd best WR in this class, just doesn’t light it up for me. As for our first pick, I’d pass on the WR. It’s a pressing need but there aren’t any guys here that I’d spend a first rounder on (outside of Calvin). I really liked what I saw in Meachem, Smith , Gonzalez and Bowe. Although they all could be gone by the second round, there’s always a chance that one of them will be available. Point being, I’d rather the Fins spend their first pick on someone other than a WR. Last season the New Orleans Saints drafted Marques Colston in the seventh round. He turned in the best performance among rookie receivers in 2006. Just goes to show you how unpredictable – and deep – the position can be.

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I agree Dude, WR is tricky but there's always a chance for a jewel to emerge in the rough and depth of the draft. I actually like Bowe (considering Johnson probably won't be there). Bowe is solid and my Gators gave him respect in their head to heads. I wouldn't go here either first round but it's great to talk about what's out there...

once again, loving the coverage...

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