Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Manning Is A Champion. I’m Cool With That

Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl. After having to deal with talk about him not being able to win the big games, labels of him being a choker and jack-asses like Boomer Esiason calling him this generation’s Dan Marino, Manning quieted his critics and placed himself atop the NFL.

Manning has said over the years that he idolized Dan Marino when growing up. Likewise, Marino has been one of Manning’s biggest supporters and confidants. He’s heavily defended Manning against the detractors over the years and was visibly excited during the Super Bowl post game show, pumping his fist and talking with genuine excitement and happiness over the Colts victory Sunday night.

Marino and Manning will forever be linked as two of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. And should Manning stay healthy, he will end his career having broken all of Marino’s records and will likely be considered the greatest quarterback of all time. Of course, Manning now has a ring. Marino does not. Which means history will judge Peyton as the better QB.

Somehow, I’m okay with that. Because Manning is this generation's Dan Marino. He’s the best pocket passer in the game today. He's also the best pure passer in the game today. He's got the lazer-rocket arm, he carries himself with class and he's a student of the game. It’s almost as if Marino was the template and Manning his clone. It’s bitter sweet to watch Manning hoist the trophy in the same stadium Marino worked his magic in. But it’s also appropriate in many ways. Unlike Marino's career with the Dolphins, Manning has a great running game and a great defense in Indy that helped him get to this point. So, in many ways, Manning won this for his idol, a man with similar talents and drive to win – just not as fortunate.

Manning is a champion. Marino is happy for his boy.

And I’m cool with that.

(Oh, and this generation’s Boomer Esiason? Jake Delhomme. Jack-ass.)


Despite the Colts previously being in our division. Its hard not to like guys like Dungy, Manning, and Harrison. Dungy is a good guy, and gives us hope that Cameron's similar approach to coaching can yield us a championship. They both believe they are the leader of men, not babysitters. Hopefully our players can be responsible enough to stay out of trouble. Its too bad Marino's records have to go, but if I could pick anyone to take them it would be Manning. He is humble and has a great appreciation of the game we love.
you know, nydolfan, that's exactly what i thought about when dungy won sunday. cam cameron is another dungy. cam is a lot like him in that he's not a rah-rah guy who be-littles his players. hopefully his tenure here mirrors dungy's in indy.

as for marino/manning. i agree they're the same guy in a lot of ways. favre is going to get marino's records in 2007 but manning will own the record books when it's all said and done.
There was always something about Manning that reminded me of Danny boy. It's more than just the talent -- although that is very much the case. It was the way he carried himself. Like NYDolfan said, he has humility and an appreciation for the game and has always acknowleged Marino as his role model outside of his father Archie.

Congrats to Peyton. Wish Dan could have won one. But Peyton carries the torch.
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