Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kooch Belongs In The Hall

Yes, he popped off this year and made Jason Taylor angry. And yes, he’s grown into a bitter old man, alienating a whole new generation of Dolphins fans who have no idea who this rambling pungent old man is. But former Miami Dolphin Bob Kuechenberg deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Yet, once again, one of the greatest offensive linemen to ever don football pads got passed over.

Kuechenberg was a fixture and pillar on four Miami Dolphins Super Bowl teams. He was a six-time Pro Bowler and perennial all world left tackle and left guard. Kooch was simply the best to ever play those positions. He manned two of the toughest positions on an offensive line, let alone in all of football. Long before players like Orlando Pace and Jonathan Ogden became "household names" and glorified the position, Kooch dominated the line and did it better than anyone before or after him.
In Super Bowl VIII, against the vaunted Minnesota Vikings “Purple People Eaters” defense, Kooch led the way for Dolphins fullback Larry Csonka’s 145 yard, 2 touchdown MVP performance. Kooch dominated and shut down Alan Page -- one of the most feared pass rushers of his time -- in that Super Bowl victory.
In today's game, an era of free agency and high-priced, over hyped players, Kooch would have tipped the dollar scales in a major way. As it is, Kooch played football during the “old-school” era, when players loved the game for the sake of the game and players were men who cared more about winning and beating the guy in front of you rather than trying to squeeze out the biggest paycheck possible.
Even Csonka, a Hall of Famer himself and the greatest running back in franchise history, readily and angrily admits that he would not be in the hall if not for Kuechenberg. "Each time my number was called," Csonka once said, "every one of those (linemen) was looking and pointing at me like, 'It's your ass if you don't follow me.' "Csonka then added, " ... the heart of a Bob Kuechenberg ... is why I'm in the Hall of Fame. I rode in on (his) shoulders. To not have Kuechenberg in there with me bothers me a lot."
Kooch should be there along with this year’s class, which includes ESPN NFL “analyst” Michael Irvin (c’mon! Seriously! Michael Irvin!) and Thurman Thomas . Looks like he’s going to have to wait ‘til next year.



kooch should be automatically inducted into the hof for calling out saban this season. that alone is enough for me.
Thurman definitely deserved the nod, but I agree Irvin is questionable. Kooch also deserves to be in Canton in my opinion. I haven't watched him play, other than old Super Bowl highlights, but from what most prognosticators say, he truly was the best of his time. I personally thought he should have kept his mouth shut during the season last year, its just not his place, but that can't be held against him. I also heard him on ESPN radio and he sounded like a dick. In fact he claimed that he doesnt really watch football until playoff time. Which made me wonder why he was commenting on the Phins?!?! Thats not really the point though. Last I knew being a dick didn't keep you from being elected. (i.e. Theisman) Kooch deserves to be in!
Like JT said, Kooch needs a hug and a hobby. But I agree that even jerkoffs deserve to be in the Hall if their careers merit it. LOL NYDolfan about Theisman! If Larry Czonka says Kooch deserves to be in, it only makes sense. Czonka owes his career to Kooch. Not sure what it's going to take but every year he's on the ballot and every year he gets the shaft. Hopefully he'll get in soon.
It seems to me that the Hall should be looking to add any and all significant players from that '72 team. Kooch was the anchor of that O-line and the Dolphins had the most fearsome running attack in all the NFL. And -- I hope I'm not blaspheming here -- I would think a fairly weak-armed QB like Bob Griese is in the Hall because of guys like Kuechenberg.

I agree that he should've kept his mouth shut during the season, especially if what NY said is true (that he doesn't watch the NFL til the playoffs). But Dolphins fans as a whole should be upset that Kooch keeps getting denied. He's one of our all-time greatest players (and God knows we can use another Kooch these days!) Especially when a crack-head like Irvin gets in. It's a crime.
Your Dam Right He should be in. Dick Head, Maybe, Greatest Lineman ever To dawn a Phin uniy, With out question. old school baby, just plain Dick head old school football!!
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