Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Heat at .500 At The Break. I'll Take It.

The Heat managed to end the first half of the season at .500 after beating the Portland Trailblazers last night. Dwyane Wade took a nasty fall, bruised his shoulder, but was able to finish the game with 35 points.

“Wade squirmed and kicked and grimaced and grabbed his left arm while on the floor with 9:36 left in the third quarter Tuesday. Moments later, he got up and walked to the locker room, occasionally glancing at his left shoulder to see if it was still in place.
It was intact, but bruised. It kept him out for 7 minutes, 37 seconds of court time. And when he returned, the Heat completed the return to. 500 with a sound 104-85 defeat of the Blazers, sending Miami into the All-Star break winners of seven of its past eight games.” [Herald]
The Heat heads into the All Star break pretty much the same way they did last year. People are freaking out over their current place in the East, Shaq’s health and the Riley-only-comes-back-when-it’s-convenient theory. But I still contend that we’ll be fine. Sure, there are some concerns. The team is a year older. The team still lacks a solid point guard with J-Will’s constant injuries. Shaq is still a bit rusty. But remember that blowout to the hands of the Dallas Mavericks last year around this time? We fans were devastated and entered the second half with no hope. Well, it’s a year later and we’re happily basking in the glow of championship glory.
We’ll be fine.


Dude, I got to tell you, I was like a little girl watching this game last night when Wade hit the floor. I literally held my breath until he came out of the lockeroom. If there was a way for me to look down the tunnel to see if he was coming out through the TV, I would have done it.

Seriously though, this guy is a freak. When he hit the floor, I knew the season was over, that was one nasty fall.

I found myself rooting like a little kid last night on the edge of my bed. Like I used to root for MJ. I freakin love the Heat.
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