Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Bullets

I don’t mean to imply the fact that Tim Hardaway only likes to shower naked with heterosexual teammates makes a slow week for the MSD. But, yea. It does. So, now that the Hardaway thing has died down (sarcasm is fun!) let’s take a gander at what else is going down in Miami sports news lately.
Friday Bullets ...

-Pat Riley is not happy with Tim Hardaway. He says he was shocked by Tim’s comments and said a statement like Hardaway’s just can’t be tolerated. Then Dan Le Batard wrote a column about how what Riley says doesn’t matter; the credit for Riley's rebuke should go 100% to his vocal chords, tounge and mouth.

-41 year-old Scottie Pippen wants to come back and play for a contender. The Heat is apparently on the list of possible suitors. My take: I'm always cool with whatever help we can get. But realistically, given that we already got Posey and Eddie (and others), a 41 year old, shoddy kneed Pippen would probably only average 7 minutes a game. Would he be cool with that? I guess my real question is how does he feel about gay people?

-Yet another sports writer has Brady Quinn falling to the Fins at No. 9 on his mock draft. That’s one too many. Way to jinx us asshole!

-Donte’ Stallworth a Miami Dolphin? Yes. I look forward to the 7-8 games Stallworth will be watching on the sidelines with a hamstring strain. Know what his fellow wide receivers call him? The Human Hamstring Pull. When a player’s own colleagues are nicknaming him that, there’s your red light. But that’s just me.

-Joey Harrington is a good guy.

-The real reason Miguel Cabrera missed the Marlins Fan Fest. Now don’t you feel like the total douche bag?

-I think Jim Mandich is a blowhard. And yes, I do listen to Dan Le Batard’s show over his every day. It’s a love/hate thing with me and Le Batard. But Mandich is the greatest color man the Dolphins ever had (“AWWWRIGHT MIAMMIIII!!!!!”) and he might be back calling games this season on the radio. He’s better than Joe Rose anyway (“Mmmmm…that’s good.”)

-Tom Brady is not allowed to mope, bitch, complain or give us the Brady Face after a loss ever again. His rights have been revoked.

-Vote for Jason Taylor!

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Reason 1,897 of why I hate Tom Brady with all my heart and soul.
I read that this morning on With Leather. Fuck Tom Brady and his tiny penis.

I read KSK all the time but I think I missed this whole Meast phenomenon. Is it good or bad he is nominated?
It's a word Sean Taylor came up with that mixes Man and Beast. So it's good.
Speaking of Sean Taylor...was that not the nastiest hit you've ever seen during the pro-bowl. Even if it was on a helpless punter.
Yea NYDolfan. That was awesome. Even though it WAS a punter in the Pro Bowl. Still ... always awesome to see.

Hey NY, did you catch Roro Kid's message to you over at SporTech Matter?
Scottie to the Heat? Oh Gawwd no. Imagine him and Toine compeating for playing time and 3-point heaves.

My spelling prowess is phenomenal!
Pippen is on Le Batard's show right now.
He says the Heat is his first choice. And he supports gays too!

I say sign him! All the help we can get. Right? Right??? Hello???? Am I alone here?????
Doug I would say why not b/c he wouldn't cost us anything but is it worth it at the expense of Posey and EJ's minutes? I dunno. I just heard that interview as well. He def sounds very interested in playin with Wade and Shaq.
So would you sign him, J.D.? Yey or ney?
I would b/c it wouldn't cost much and I figure Riley wouldn't overuse him if he was able to get the job done.

The bottomline is noone knows how this guy can play at age 41 so I guess its a crapshoot for anyteam.
Yea. I think they should take a shot. He's asking for a 10 game contract so they essentially will have 10 games plus practice to see how he does. And if he wants to come here, I say why not.

(Dan and Stugotz are split on this. Dan says no, Stugotz says yes.)
Yeah I'm listening to the interview again if anyone wants to check it its up on my site and 790.

I say we do it. We really need a backup PG.
In other news. Lance Briggs was just frachised so the Dolphins can kiss him goodbye.

The Bears designated LB Lance Briggs as their franchise player Friday, guaranteeing him $7.2 million for 2007.
Briggs is still free to sign an offer sheet with another team, but Chicago can match the offer or decide to take two first-round picks in return for letting him go.
Dan and Stugotz updates LIVE only on the MSD!

I swear Tom Brady made a deal with the human can possibly have it that nice without making some shady deals...

Pippen to the Heat, I dunno either, eh, why not and if he sucks I think they'll know before it affects anything, but I am feeling you guys on taking play time from Pose and EJ...

Maybe Wayne and the Muel can get in contact with Satan's secretary to schedule a meeting to discuss Quinn's possible arrival because other than having a chance in hell, it's slim to nil

HEY Guy's No one Hates Tom Terrific
More Than Me!! Been a fin fan all my dam life, grew up in south fla. long before south beach was what it is today. Live in new england now, and yes I still bleed aqua and orange. with that said I can't stand this ass-hole!! I Love it when jason taylor pounds on pretty boy like a ragdoll, and don't get me started on the homeless guiness, mr. personality bill bullshit!! you got it jd FUCK Tom Brady Is right.
Brady Bashing? I'm in.

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