Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dolphins Talking Draft Day Trade With Lions?

The undying* Matt Millen of the Lions says he's been talking to teams interested in trading up for Detroit’s Number 2 overall pick in the draft. He says he's listening to offers from teams that are looking to grab QBs JaMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn.

If one is to believe Millen, then one of the teams that he could be talking to are the Dolphins. I can’t escape the fact that Terry Shea is Miami’s new QB coach and is Quinn’s personal pre-draft trainer. Those two facts have me believing the Fins want Quinn. With that said, trading up would require having to give up more picks and I don’t think the Fins have enough to spare. But, if the Dolphins really want Quinn and if they want to leapfrog the other potential Quinn suitors (I’m looking right at you Minnesota Vikings), this might be a way to go. By the way, if I were the Lions, I’d keep the No. 2 and grab Georgia Tech WR Calvin Johnson in a heartbeat.

*seriously, the guy has to be immortal. Nothing can kill him. And no matter what he does, he just can’t seem to get himself fired. So he’s either immortal or he’s George Costanza.


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