Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dolphins Sign Star Wars Characters To Their Squad

The Dolphins announced that they’ve signed the following players:

LB Akbar Gbaja-Biamilla
QB Girban Hamdan
LB Bobby Iwuchukwu
DT Steve Fifita

Here’s a list of other players the team is looking into, all free agents.


Seriously, can we get a freakin translator guide with these new guys?

For some reason every time I read the name Fifita I laugh.
That's hilarious! (The video cracked me up to).
Ha! The Dolphins won't have to code their plays anymore. Just use the guys' names to confuse the other team.

When I lived in Wisconsin, I remember the Packers had a Kabir (sp?) Gbaja-Biamilla. Pack fans called him KGB for short.
James I only wish it was KGB. The man is a beast. Still plays up in Green Bay.
Most important position on a football team, outside of a good QB, is a good Wookie!
Han Solo belongs in the Hall of Fame! His smuggling shouldn't keep him out.

I just showed what a geek I am, didn't I?
All players that will be released before the season starts. But funny post none the less.
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