Wednesday, February 28, 2007

World Champion Heat Meet The President

As is the custom of all sports champions -- in case you forgot, the Miami Heat are the NBA defending champions -- the Heat traveled to the White House on Tuesday and met with President George W. Bush.

Bush honored the Miami Heat championship basketball team on Tuesday, joking with the team in his usual manner. But Shaquille O'Neal got the last laugh when Bush tried to bounce a basketball to the 7-foot-1 star. It thudded flat on the stage. Bush looked startled as O'Neal and his teammates laughed.

Bush then addressed the most important matter in the hearts of all red blooded Americans. Dwyane Wade's shoulder. "I know a lot of NBA fans, whether they like the Heat or not, are pulling for Dwyane to get back into action," he said. "We wish you a speedy recovery, Dwyane."

Wade indicated that he is leaning toward a return this season, rather than having season-ending surgery. He is expected to get a second opinion on Thursday.

"It's eventually surgery,'' Wade said, "But there's also an opportunity in there where I can opt for the rehab and the therapy and get it stronger and be able to make a return at the end of the season. That's why I'm getting another opinion, so I could hear more things.''

President Bush congratulated the Heat "even though you beat a Texas team.''

The President also had high praise for Pat Riley, ''I'd say he's accomplished. He's won seven NBA rings, that's all.'' Bush also held up a "15 Strong" card.

Bush also spoke about Alonzo Mourning's charitable acts, including donating his entire salary from two seasons ago. The crowd gave Mourning a lengthy standing ovation.

Update: SporTech Matter has the video of the White House visit. This is why JD kicks ass. He's all techy and stuff while I still use letters and words to report the news. He's Jon Digital while I still don't know what the F2 key is for. I dare not press it. He's the man. I'm an ape. Fire both frightens and fills me with wonder.


Well it's just a matter of me being a dork. No worries, your still tops in my book Dude.
Lol...I love you guys! : )

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