Tuesday, February 06, 2007

‘72 Dolphins Are The Best Ever. EVER!


Tom Brady's Patriots never did it.

Joe Montana's 49ers never did it.

Chuck Noll's Steelers never did it.

Jimmy Johnson's Cowboys never did it.

The Bears tried to do it. But failed.

The Broncos tried to do it. But failed.

The Colts tried to do it. But failed.


Only one team in the history of the NFL ever did it. And no one will ever catch them.

We've always known it. But now the NFL has made it official. The 1972 Dolphins are the greatest team in National Football League history. The NFL Network has been running a series counting down the top 20 Super Bowl champions of all time. And number one? Of course, the 1972 Miami Dolphins (the ’85 Bears were Number 2. One more reason to love that Monday Night beat down of the Bears by Marino and the boys). Dolphins Hall of Fame guard Larry Little said it's only ''natural'' that Miami finished first. ''We were the only undefeated team,'' he said. "Case closed.''

Perfection. Case closed.


Welcome back Dude.

Yes, the '72 Dolphins are the best. Just one more reason for the rest of the NFL viewing public to hate these guys for popping champagne every year when the last of the undefeated fall.

With more than 30 years waiting for another title, this is all we have to hang our hats on as Phins fans. But it's sweet. 17-0. Awesome.

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I'm sure you have it already, but just looking out for you.
Thanks for looking out JD! You are so the man!
Dios mio man!
It's great that you mention that Monday night game against the Bears. I was there! Best game I ever attended. I was only 12 but I remember it like yesterday. It still stands as Marino's greatest game, in my mind. And now, 20 years later, it serves its purpose again -- solidifying the 72 Fins as the greatest of all time.
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