Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday Bullets

-Cam Cameron sent Dolphins season ticket holders an e-mail. Nick Saban claims he never uses the e-mail. Except of course when he uses it to tell his players he's leaving for Alabama.

-The Dolphins haven't made the playoffs since Nixon was president (or so it would seem). But they're going to raise club level ticket prices anyway. By 200%.

-Tom Brady has no class. And Reggie Miller wants everyone to know it.

-The pros and cons of Cam Cameron's hiring. Cam Cameron. Cam Cameron. It's a fun name to type. Cam Cameron. Cam Cameron. Try it. Cam Cameron.

-The Cowboys are interviewing Dolphins QB coach Jason Garrett for their offensive coordinator position. I was actually advocating Saban replacing the habitually inept Mike Mularkey with Garrett mid way through last season. I e-mailed Saban about it and got this response: “Fuck off.” Anyway, I’d hate to lose Garrett but the guy has a bright future so I wish him well if he goes.

-Philip Rivers gives Cam Cameron his full endorsement. Neat!

-Nick Saban recently called Wayne Huizenga. Huizenga said Saban told him ''he was sorry it didn't work out and thanks for handling it the way you did in the press conference and to let him know if he can be of any help.'' Allow me to respond to Saban for Mr. Huizenga: "Fuck off."


Cam Cameron.

Hey! Yea!

Cam Cameron.
Jason Garrett gives me the creeps.
That e-mail Cameron sent is pretty cool. A far cry from Nick the Dick who went out of his way to avoid the fans, media and anyone else who showed interest in his team.

It's a nice way for Cam to kick off his tenure with the Fins.
Cam Cameron, Cam Cameron, Cam damn, you're right Dude, it is fun!...

Philip Rivers is cool...

Nick Saban's still a cock smoker...

why does Reggie Miller think he matters anymore, i'm surprised any thoughts can coexist with his incredible ego...

Jason Garrett leaving, well, I kinda don't care one way or another...

Dude...loving the bullets and can't wait for your Senior Bowl coverage/analysis

i almost forgot...what's up with the price gauging with the season tickets...craziness

Cam is a classy guy, i really hope class and winning are synonymous...

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