Thursday, January 18, 2007

Updates ....

Here's the latest:

Chicago Bears offensive coordinator, Ron Turner, is still in the coaching mix. says their source says that the favorites to land the job are Cam Cameron and Jim Mora and if neither accept the job, then it'll be Gailey's.

Looks like Randy Mueller will stay on as GM and has been involved in the second wave of interviews.
Sorry for the belated update this morning. My work had me away from the computer. But now I'm back! So I'll post updates as I get them.

Update 1: My source -- yes I have a source! -- at the Sun-Sentinel told me that Cameron's interview last night lasted three hours. I guess that's a good sign.

Update 2: Dom Capers has not yet signed the big contract the Fins offered him last week. This is likely in case none of the candidates work out and they decide to hand the head job to Capers. But all signs point to him signing the contract, especially if Cameron is hired. Cameron has agreed to keep most of the coaching staff already in the organization (hopefully that doesn't include Mike Mularkey) if he's hired. There are also whispers that Mik Shula could be hired as an offensive assistant or even offensive coordinator -- which is fine with me if Cameron becomes head coach.

Update 3: The smartest thing Phil Simms has said in quite a while: "Maybe they're just trying to make sure. How much can you really learn [in all these interviews]? I just want to know what kind of football coach they are. Can they lead? That's more important than anything. Obviously, you got to be a pretty good X-and-O guy nowadays. It's almost gotten to be confusing now that they've interviewed so many different coaches.''

Seriously, gents. You're looking for a football coach. Not someone who can split the atom. Oh, and, don't hire Chan Gailey.

Anyway, the Sun-Sentinel just posted this under the banner "New." They're the kings of the Breaking News We Already Knew! postings.

Update 4: In non-coach-search news, Jason Taylor's 2006 season game-worn uniform has been sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Update 5: This from SporTech Matter -- A United Kingdom newspaper is reporting that the Aardvark is about to be announced as the Dolphins' new head coach.

Update 6: The Palm Beach Post is reporting that Cam Cameron concluded his 2nd interview today and will be staying in Miami overnight for a second night - the first finalist to do so. Cameron was not extended a job offer, but a source familiar with the discussions was very upbeat about how they went. Cameron also showed more personality with the Dolphins in his second interview, a source said. That likely has landed him in front of the other two favorites -- the Aardvark and Jim Mora.

Update 7: 790 The Ticket is reporting on their Sports Flash that the Dolphins are saying that they should name their new coach sometime tomorrow -- Saturday, the latest.

Final Update: The Dolphins have confirmed that they'll have a new coach by Saturday the latest: "I can tell you with 100 percent certainty, nothing has been decided tonight," Dolphins senior vice president Harvey Greene said Thursday. "We hope to have this finalized by Friday or Saturday at the latest."

Also, FOX Sports is saying that Cameron is now the front-runner for the job. Which confirms without a shadow of a doubt that no one knows what the hell is going on.

Ok. Catch y'all tomorrow.

I just sounded like Britney Spears there. Sorry.

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If Turner is still in the mix, then we won't know who our new coach will be for at least another week -- and that's only if the Bears lose Sunday.
The best update on this post? That Randy Mueller is now officially the Dolphins GM.

I like Mueller and now that he'll be allowed to do the job of a GM without having to ask permission from Dick Saban, we're going to start having some solid draft picks. No more 1st rounders wasted on the Jason Allens of the world!!! We wanted a front office guy and we got one.

By the way, he was GM of the year back in 2000.

Yeah take update #3 for what its worth. It's the freakin UK for crying out loud.

Those fools are just happy they are stealing a primo home game from us next year.

At this point, I am really interested in seeing if Galey would be a viable stop gap for a year (to make way for Coach Chin). The good thing about Gailey (and this is an assumption) is that he wouldn't command a huge pricetag like others.

Just hire someone already so I can refocus on the Heat.
Update #5 rather.
I'm really hoping that Cam is staying an extra night to be introduced as the HC tomorrow and Capers DC. By the way, I love the picture. Whoever that is, she's HOT!!!! Please don't tell me it's you LOL :-)
No not me. The Dude is a dude.

Just a nice pic to return to whenever you guys checked on the updates :)
Dude...loved the updates and my sweetie after he stopped drooling over the keyboard, appreciated it as well...

i'm with gersom, I hope Cam's staying an extra night to be introduced as HC...

I think we've mastered the art of fucking up, let get a master to artfully fuck up anyone in the AFC's chances of getting to the bowl next year...

(dancing for the football god's)

Thanks Lady Phin. Glad I could be of service to your man. The MSD aims to please all our readers & commenters.

I'm also holding out hope that the Fins are going to make the right choice here. My personal choices right now are Cam or Mora (in that order). Anybody else and I'll shit.

Keep on dancing ... little rump shake worked!

Ha!...loving life now...
ha ha ... nice work!
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