Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tuesday Bullets

Was It A Scratch? Or A Pick?

Stuff I'm reading while still reveling in the Patriots' 18 point-lead collapse in their AFC Championship loss to the Colts, while Mr. Clutch couldn't come through for them and their CEO was up to his elbow cleaning house while a record number of people watched ...

MSD Tuesday Bullets:

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Damn. I'm never going to think of Kraft cheese the same way again.
Dude I really look forward to your Senior Bowl coverage. I love college football but have the hardest time following talent b/c of the lack of coverage on TV and the amount of talent to choose from.

Oh and I really am a nice person. Mark Cuban is just a cock smoker with a big mouth. Mark likes to cover up the fact he is scared shitless by the Heat by slinging mud at them.

ha ha ... JD You morphed into the Hulk in your comments. Mild mannered blogger. Comments about the Senior Bowl. All of a sudden, Mark Cuban is mentioned and the shirt rips and it's "Arrrgh! HULK MAD!!!"


Cock smoker. Funny.
You know rojo until you mentioned it I didn't realize I do that. I went back and reread some of my past blog postings, it seems I get very animated the more I type. LOL.

You know, these blogs and shit make us passionate.
Is that like Angry Stugotz?

``Nick loved Coach Saban. He enjoyed being with all the players. We had dinner with Coach Saban and all the coaches, and Nick also sat with Coach Saban at the basketball game. Coach Saban is a deep-thinking man, great insight. I would say he's been so many places with so many teams that he just has a wealth of knowledge. He inspires you to do your very best.''

With all that cock in his mouth, it's a wonder the kid could eat...

thanks Dick Satan...once again keeping it real for the cock smokers (can I borrow that jd?)

I'm in love with Lady Phin.
Kisses back Rojo : )





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