Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday Bullets

-The always eloquent Edwin Pope wrote a great piece on The Great One. Dan Marino's one Super Bowl appearance didn't define his career or tarnish his legacy. He's simply the greatest. Even Joe Montana once said Marino could have easily won 4 or 5 Super Bowls with his 49ers teams. This weekend, Marino will be doing the ceremonial pre-game coin toss in the building where the Super Bowl will be played. On the Blvd. that bears his name.

-Nick Saban is in a lot of hot water today over some controversial remarks. He later released a statement about the things he said. Sounds to me like he's still throwing blame around to others and refusing to take responsibility for his own stupidity.

-Eddie Jones hasn't decided if he's coming to the Heat just yet. I'm betting he will.

-The Canes landed a coveted quarterback! And there's nothing Nick Saban can do about it! (He's not a coon-ass. He's just an ass.)

-The entire nation has turned it's eyes on Miami this week. If you haven't read Dave Barry's column written to our guests yet, do yourself a favor. Your week just won't be complete without it.

-And .. what's this??? Bill Simmons actually has good things to say about Miami? Whaa??? No unabashed, un-funny ostentatious observations about how Miami sucks compared to all things Boston? No condescending remarks on the home of the Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat? No pithy pompous self-serving comments about how his buddies Crunch and The Masterbator (or whatever his dumb-ass friends call themselves) compared South Beach to Taiwanese brothels and Boston to the Garden of Eden? I’m shocked. No, really. I’m shocked.

-Still no official word on Randy Mueller's status. But JD said he heard that the Muel is staying.

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That Dave Barry column is hilarious!

And Nick Saban is an ass.
Nick Saban just keeps getting himself into trouble. I'm sure all this attention will serve him well as recruits begin to decide where they want to play.

Dan Marino IS the greatest.

Wayne's gotta lock up Mueller today!!!
I think the Saban tape is a hoax. But I hope it isn't.
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