Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Bullets

Top Five Bullets of the Day ...

-Cam is expanding his staff. Don't know much about the additions. Just know that this team needs all the help it can get. And Dom Capers has a squirrel on his head.

-FOX Sports' Ben Maller suggests that the Dolphins could be in the market for Jake Plummer. So let's see, that makes Culpepper, Harrington, Cleo and possibly Plummer. Not sure how this would help. Pile more shit onto a pile of shit and ... in the end ... you still have a pile of shit.

-Looks like we've lost Garrett to the Cowboys. This isn't a big deal now but I really think he'll do well as he climbs up the coaching ladder. Unless he's hired to be the head coach and has to deal with T.O. Then he's f-cked.

-UM football has a tough '07 schedule (so will the Dolphins, by the way). Opponents include the 'Noles, Virgina Tech, Texas A&M, the Sooners and Boston College. And, of course, their re-match with FIU on September 15. Can't wait for ESPN to roll out non-stop footage and oversaturated coverage of last season's brawl while wagging their fingers with a hardy self-righteous tisk-tisk. Maybe we can somehow get Lamar Thomas to stick that pencil up Lee Corso's ass.

-Shaq and Wade are back! Ain't no stopping us now! Wait. Pacers beat the Heat 96-94 in OT. Whaaa??? Trade 'em both! Trade 'em both right now! (South Florida talk-radio is poisoning my mind)

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Shaq looked seriously rusty last night. But he picked a good time to get back -- start of the 2nd half of the season. We're gonna need the Diesel at full throttle for the playoff run.
losing jason garrett, was like losing my baby teeth as a kid. in the end your parents told you that new and stronger one's would eventually grow in.
Don't know who these new coaches are but, hey, In Cam We Trust.

Had no idea Jason Garrett was even with us until now.

At least the Canes can be in the BCS talk if their schedule is so tough. Of course, they'll need to win those games... but still.
The original article said that Mike Shula was going to eventually be added to the staff as well. But I just read Shula is now the QB coach in Jacksonville.

Wonder how many Dolfans will be upset by this news.
It's sad but we just may be forced to go after Plummer if Culpepper's status remains cloudy. I highly doubt it will happen but it wouldn't shock me. Even if we drafted a QB this year we still need a veteran starter. The position is our biggest eye sore and Culpepper's status is cloudy, Harrington will likely be cut and we have no idea how good Cleo Lemon really is.
Getting Plummer would be like going to see Metallica with a hangover...enough of the retreads already!!!

As I said before, the Jason Garrett thing, don't really care...

i wouldn't mind getting Jr. back as an OC...but Dude reports that Zampese could be a nice addition

thanks for the Heat and Canes updates Dude...B-Ball's second in my heart...
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