Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shula To The Dolphins?

Rumors have been swirling since early this morning that the Dolphins had already offered the job to Jim Mora. But the Dolphins have announced that no one has been offered the job yet.
Now the Herald is reporting Mike Shula has entered the picture. The Dolphins interviewed Shula over the weekend.


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Would it be blasphemous to say No Thanks?

He just doesn't do it for me as a head coach. Offensive coordinator maybe.
At this point, I just want a damn coach.


The commenters have been coming real strong lately on your blog Dude. Nice :)
i'm with j.d. just fucking sign someone already! this is outrageous. the fact that this franchise has dragged this on for so long, allowed whisenhunt to go to az, and suddenly has a new name thrown into the mix just shows how badly things are being run over there. it also proves us all right - that these morons should've either hired a gm or given mueller the power to hire the coach on his own.

what a fucking joke this team is! i'm embarrased.
What's crazy is if we sign Shula, we would have pretty much traded coaches with Alabama. What a nutty thought.
so whats your take on shula, dude? just curious.
TK, just posted my thoughts on Shula.
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