Sunday, January 14, 2007

Scratch Whisenhunt

Scratch Ken Whisenhunt from the Dolphins wish list. The Cardinals have hired him as their new head coach.

Damn it!

Does this open the door even wider for the the Aardvark to take over? Sweet baby Jesus, I hope not. This could also open the door for the Aardvark in Pittsburgh but we'll just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Chris Mortensen said on ESPN's Sunday Countdown show this morning that Jim Mora has been invited to have a second interview with the Fins this week.

Keep it tuned here, dudes ...

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Hey Dude
That's funny!!! I never heard him called Aardvark. I think the reason his name is brought up is because he's friends with the owner as well as with upper management. My view on his stint in the NFL as OC for Pittsburgh and Miami, not so bad. However, I do remember him being the HC of Dallas, not so good. It's nice to see Cameron is now available, since they lost yesterday. Maybe some attention will be thrown his way. Now that the team has Capers locked up, I really won't have a problem with any of the young offensive minded guys. But if I had to bet on it, I think they're going to hire the Aardvark. :-) That is just funny to say.
Yea, Aardvark is something I came up with back when he was our OC. Maybe it'll catch on if the Fins hire him.

I just remember his offenses down here were terrrrrible. That was back when our defense was stacked and was among the best in the NFL along with the Ravens. But man we sucked on offense. So that's why I'm not thrilled about having the Aardvark here over a younger, perhaps more inovative, mind. I agree with you that Wayne's loyalties to the Aardvark runs deep.

I guess we'll see.
Cam Cameron might be the frontrunner for the Chargers job if Marty gets fired. After yesterday I think that has a very good chance of happening.

It looks like it may come down to Jim Mora, Brian Schotenheimer or Gailey. I mean the ardvark ;)

Personally, I like Mora.
Bring on CAM!

Capers on D and Cam as Head Coach makes happy and I haven't been a happy Phin fan in a while.
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