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Saturday Roundup & Musings


Rick over at SotP has uncovered more of the Terry, errr, make that Nick Saban-hype-fest in Tuscaloosa now affectionately known as SabaNation. Personally I’m loving it. There’s no way someone can live up to the kind of hype this guy is receiving in Alabama. No way. Remember the popular got culpepper? t-shirts that popped up everywhere when the Dolphins traded for Daunte? Yea you do. No joke, I saw one being sold at a Yard Sale two blocks from my house just before Christmas. Hype fests like this are always a kiss of death. Only a matter of time before Terry starts to bitch about all the banjo duels ...

And SabaNation? I’ve scoured the interweb and it’s not up yet. But I guarantee you, the one guy with a computer over in Tuscaloosa is building that sucker right now on his Yahoo webbuilder. will be up and running in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 …

Just caught wind that LSU quarternack JaMarcus Russell has decided to forego his senior season and will enter the NFL Draft this year.
I LOVE this kid. Problem is, he had a hell of a Sugar Bowl and now his pre-draft stock – much like Vince Young and Jay Cutler last year – is going to soar. I was secretly hoping he’d somehow fall to us at No. 9. Only because I thought Brady Quinn would go Top 5 (I still very much like Quinn, by the way). Some scouts like to compare Russell to Daunte Culpepper or Randal Cunningham. I think Russell, at this stage in his career, is better than Culpepper when he came out of college. I don't see Cunningham in Russell at all. Russell is a mobile guy but he's not like Vince Young, who will kill you with his legs before he kills you with his arm. Russell is a pure passer who happens to be athletic enough that he can use his legs from time to time.
You know who I see in Russell? I see Dan Marino with legs. Culpepper was Marino with legs too but, even before his career took a Britney Spears-like nose dive, 'Pep still lacked some of the intangibles Marino brought to the table. But I do see some Marino in Russell. What reminds me the most of Number 13 is the way Russell throws the ball. He’s got a slingshot for a wrist and delivers bullets down the field with lightning quickness. But now he’s probably going to get drafted before the Dolphins' 9th pick. Stupid overrated Notre Dame. Why couldn’t LSU drawn up a better, more talented, less hyped team for the Sugar Bowl? I blame Regis.

The Dolphins have interviewed Chan Gailey and Jim Mora so far. Wait a second. Chan Gailey? Whaaaa?? Allow me to do you a favor, Dolphins brass, just for the sake of speed and continuity – here’s a list of guys to skip on your list, the Don’t-Even-Bother-With list, if you will:
Chan Gailey, Pete Carroll (stop it already, Dolfans-wanting-Carroll. Seriously. Just stop.), Russ Grimm, Mike Tice, Dennis Green, Karl Dorrell (this one is for my UCLA friends out there. You know who you are), Jim Bates, Mike Sherman, Jim Bates, Mike Mularkey, Jim Bates, Mike Mularkey, Jim Caldwell, Mike Martz (unless he’s coming to coach the offense only) and Dom Capers (but I'd like Capers to stay to coach the defense).

Anyway, Mora was interviewed Friday and the team reportedly interrogated him over the comments he made during a radio interview about leaving Atlanta "without hesitation" to coach the Washington Huskies -- Mora's "dream" job. Mora then said, “Of course I meant it. I mean, c’mon – it’s Atlanta!” Then the room burst with laughter and milk started to come out of Dolphins President Bryan Weidmeier’s nose.

The Dolphins have also gotten permission to speak with Chicago's Ron Rivera (yes!), San Diego's Cam Cameron (double yes!), Pittsburgh's Ken Whisenhunt (awwright now!) and the aforementioned Gailey (oh sweet Jesus, NO!). They’ve also received permission to interview Vikings D-coordinator Mike Tomlin, who is another “dark horse” candidate but a pretty solid one. Tomlin did lead a very good Vikings defense who led the league in run stopping. But we Dolphins fans want to see offensive minded people here. And we don’t mean this guy.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that Ken Whisenhunt (my #2 choice for a new head coach) is flying to Miami to have dinner with Wayne Huizenga tonight. This is huge because, unless Wayne plans to have dinner with all his interviews, it wreaks of favoritism. And I’m all for that when it comes to Whisenhunt or Cam Cameron. Wine 'em. Dine 'em. Give them each a $20 Blockbuster gift card. Whatever it takes. SI is also reporting what I wrote -- that Whisenhunt has an inside edge to taking over for the HC spot vacated by Bill Cowher in Pittsburgh. But, hey … we have a practice bubble!

I’m guessing that Cameron and Rivera will also be interviewed sometime this weekend, as it will be the last chance the Fins can do so since both need to start coaching their respective teams for their playoff games next weekend.

Stay tuned here, folks …
MSD Wild Card Weekend Predictions:
Colts over Chiefs
Cowboys over Seahawks
Eagles over Giants
Patriots over Jets


I actually wore my "Got Daunte?" shirt on Wednesday, sort of as a pre-emptive strike for anyone who thought they'd come up to me and try out some clever cheap shot about Saban. :)

I'm also very tired of fans calling themselves "nations," so it's fitting that those drunken, inbred, hillbilly asshats are referring to themselves as Sabanation.
'Hillbilly Asshats' was their original name before 'Crimson Tide.'

And please, Mr. Huizenga, please please please DO NOT hire Chan Gailey!!! Here I read they interviewed him and then Peter King says he's a consideration (during half time of the Colts/Chiefs game) ... I threw up in my mouth. Twice.
If Wayne hires Gailey, a hostile takeover is in order. I hope Wayne is just doing an old friend a favor by getting his name out there. Someone mentioned in another post about keeping Capers as D-coordinator. I like that idea, I think he knows how to run a defense. If we bring in an offensive head coach, we may turn this around in a hurry.





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