Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Randy Mueller Update

Randy Mueller staying or going? Reportedly, we should know by the end of the day. Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga said he was heading to the team's Davie headquarters today to get an update on Mueller's status. Back on January 19, the Tennessee Titans asked permission to interview Mueller for their vacant GM spot.
Mueller has since said he has no interest in any other job but in Miami. But, as I've said before: Don't believe anybody who works in sports.
Meanwhile, however, this report says that Mueller is not even the Titans' favorite candidate to take the job. And this Tennessee newspaper says the Titans are done with their interviews and that Mueller isn't on the list of candidates. In fact, Mueller wasn't even interviewed. We should know more in the next few hours.
Wayne's got to get on top of this TODAY. IMMEDIATELY. WITHIN THE HOUR. RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW ... And give Mueller that extension already!!!


NFL Combine is in less than a month. If Mueller walks they'll need to find and sign a new GM in just a matter of a few weeks. What a damn mess that would be!!! C'mon Huizenga! This would be a bigger loss than when Nick Saban bolted.
Amen and Amen
What the hell is Wayne waiting for?
Is he waiting for Mueller to pledge his undying devotion to the team? This is stupid. This will be a huge f--k up on Huizenga's part if Randy does not get a new contract. He says it's not about the money.....then what the....^*#$
is it then.
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