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Pete Carroll To The Dolphins?

Okay, the Pete Carroll to the Dolphins rumor seems to have a stuck a cord with you guys. And it seems to be a polarizing topic. Some local columnists are for it, others not so much.’s Chris Brown can’t fathom Wayne Huizenga’s reasoning. And I couldn’t agree more. Again, I understand the Dolphins need to turn every rock and check every avenue and that, in the end, this may all be a moot point. But the fact that Wayne Huizenga seems to show a love for high profile, big name coaches, this needs to be addressed here at the MSD.

Pete Carroll to the Dolphins would not only be a disaster but it would be a repeat of all the crap we just went through with Nick Saban.

Let’s take a closer look at the man they call Pom Poms and the man they call Nick Satan and the similarity of their NFL career stats:

In 1994, Carroll’s New York Jets went 6-10 and missed the playoffs. New York lost their final 6 games of the season and Carroll was fired. One and done. Carroll then went to the Patriots and took over a pretty talented Bill Parcells team. The Pats won the division and went to the conference title game – again, with Parcells’ players. Things got progressively worse after that. The following season, the Pats finished 9-7. In his third and final season with New England, the team finished 8-8, missed the playoffs and Carroll was fired. The Pats then hired some guy named Bill Belichick.

Carroll’s final NFL record: 33-31.

Saban’s first season with the Fins finished 9-7, buoyed by a strong late season rally. Miami missed the playoffs. In 2006, Saban and the Fins finished with a worse record, 6-10, and missed the playoffs again. He then bolted for the backwoods.

Saban’s final NFL record: 15-17

They’re the same guy. Except one guy is a dick and the other is a cheerleader.

Carroll just won’t work in the NFL. As I, and many others have noted, Carroll is perfectly suited for the college game. His rah-rah approach and his ability to recruit well make him a great NCAA coach. And if the Fins did hire him, how long until Carroll starts to feel the itch, like Saban did, and suddenly decide that he “misses” the college game.

More than my rah-rah argument is that Carroll has already proven he can’t handle the pro game. The NFL is faster, more complicated and demands a more win-now mentality. In both levels, you need players to win. In the NFL, you have to rely on a predetermined order of draft picks, free agency and a salary cap. In college, you just need to walk into a players’ living room and charm him onto your team – and you can do that with all the best high school players available without restrictions as to how many players you visit or try to get.

We’ve seen how Saban wrecked this team. He always talked about progress yet insisted on signing aging veterans while ignoring the glaring needs to re-build the offensive line and adding another talented receiver to compliment Chris Chambers and Randy McMichael. We won’t even get into the Culpepper/Harrington fiasco. Or his propensity to draft players out of the SEC, like Jason Allen who’s still sitting on the team’s bench.

If Carroll had never been a head coach in the NFL, maybe I’d be less against it. I was, after all, advocating the Fins pursue Louisville’s Bobby Petrino (who is now the new head coach for the Atlanta Falcons).

But Carroll’s been in the NFL. Twice. In the AFC East. And failed miserably both times. Not to mention that his expertise is on the defensive side of the ball.

Truth is, Carroll excites some people because of what he’s done at USC. He’s a sexy name and a high profile guy. And that’s great. But remember how excited we all were after Saban became the primary candidate after he won the National Championship with LSU? It was the same exact thing – a high profile college coach whose name and stock was as high as Lindsey Lohan on New Years eve. In the end, it was a bust deal.

Hire Pete Carroll and it’s just going to be Nick Saban re-visited. If not worse.

Chad Finn, a columnist for – which is The Boston Globe’s website – covers the Red Sox and Patriots and says the following about the Carroll to Dolphins rumors:

"Pete Carroll to the Dolphins? It's the hot rumor of the day, and you know I'm jacked and pumped just thinking about it. Carroll is an idiot if he leaves USC - his rah-rah enthusiasm is perfect for the college game, and as we learned the hard way in New England, not so perfect for the NFL. It sure would be fun having him back in the division, though."

‘Nuff said.

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Pete Carroll for headcoach is about as sexy as
Nice JD!

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Magda: But you just slept with me.

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i just think huizenga is covering all the bases and carroll is a part of that. i also think carroll wouldn't be dumb enough to leave what he's got going in usc to come to here and take on a project like the dolphins. besides, if carroll wanted to coach in the pros, i think he'd hit arizona before he'd hit miami.
I agree with TK. Wayne's just looking at every available option (hopefully) and wanted to gauge Carroll's interest to return to the pros. It's why he interviewed Dom Capers today and will continue to interview all available candidates.

If I were Wayne, I'd hire a GM first and let him hire the coach. I think Randy Mueller is on his way out anyway.
Carroll is a great coach. But I agree that he just won't do well with the DOlphins. OF course, you never know. But I'd rather not take that gamble.

Besides like tk said, Carroll would be foolish if he left SC. They just completed another solid recruiting class and he's got a winner there for years to come.

It's pretty cool hearing a rival's take on a possible hiring. And I guess if anyone would know Carroll's faiulres in the NFL, it's Patriots fans (Jets fans too).

But more than anything, I agree that we shouldn't get a guy for the sake of a big name. No one knew who Eric Mangini or Sean Payton were before this year. Yet both were COY candidates and both got their teams' fortunes turned around and into the playoffs.

We need to target someone similar. A talented young coach who is hungry to prove himself by taking on this team and its many challenges. Not someone who will want to leave in 2 years because he misses college (translation: this pro thing ain't working out so I'm outta here!)

Carroll's record in the NFL speaks for itself. Terrible coach, but in college where the only thing that really matters is recruiting he is a god. In the NFL you must know how to coach to win. He couldn't coach that why he didn't win. Plus his is going to want control and we just saw how that played out. No thanks. Get us a top young assistant that is going to help build us into a team that is constantly competitive and where the goal every year can be the superbowl.
Thought you guys might like to hear the other side "relative" to Pete Carroll.

Here's a well thought out pro-Carroll post (trust me, these are damn near impossible to find) that I swiped from one of the more knowledgeable posters over at finheaven:

"Pete Carroll is a freaking fantastic X's and O's guy, known as a player's coach, and his time in NE was marked by a period of New England's worst personnel moves in the history of the franchise, led by their personnel guy Bobby Grier, who quite possibly is the worst draft picker I've ever seen...ever.

Bobby Grier is the entire reason why Pete Carroll won't even go back into the NFL unless he has full control. It isn't because he thinks he can do everything himself, it's because he doesn't want some jackass ruining his chances at being a good head coach the way Bobby Grier did in New England.

You want to get a laugh? Go look at New England's drafts in 1997, 1998, and 1999.

I guess New England made a horrible mistake hiring Bill Belichick, seeing how he was already a proven failure as a head coach in Cleveland. I guess the Broncos made a horrible mistake hiring Shanahan, seeing as how he was already a proven failure in Oakland."
Nick Saban is a great X's and O's guy too. And he had complete control of personnel. Carroll may have had a bad personnel guy but he inherited Bill Parcell's Super Bowl squad. And everywhere I read about Carroll wanting an NFL job leads to one overall common fact: Carroll wants complete control wherever he ends up.

Dude's right. This is Saban part 2. Shanahan and Belichick were both great assistant coaches. Belichick lost in Cleveland because the ownership there stinks. Shanahan lost in Oakland because his hands were tied by Al Davis.

But they were assistant NFL coaches at one point --- which is what the Dolphins need to focus on. And NOT give their new guy complete control like Carroll is asking for and Saban had. Enough of that shit already!

- Jay
Hey Mr. Huizenga: HIRE CAM CAMERON!!! We need an offensive minded guy who won't ask for total control. He knows the deal. He's seen the way the Chargers have build a team thru the draft and let the coach focus on the x's and o's.

Please, Huizenga -- enough of the damn "big name" college coaches!!! It's ridiculous. Hire Cameron already and let's start focusing on the upcoming draft.

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