Monday, January 01, 2007

Number 9 .... Number 9 .... Number 9 ... Number 9 ...

Our shittiness pays off: The Miami Dolphins have the Number 9 overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. I was somewhat expecting to get the 8th or 7th pick. But, apparently, two teams were actually shittier than us.
Some might say a top 10 pick is a good thing, in that we'll have a shot at one of the 10 best players coming out of college. But when the guy making the picks is Nick Saban and only Nick Saban, well ... let's just say odds are we'll be getting yet another fine, upstanding future bench warmer from the SEC!
But, hey, the number 9 has always been a good number for this team, bringing us good fortune and unmatched excellence.
I'll have plenty to say about what our draft should look like in the coming weeks (of course, it will end up looking nothing like what I think it should and thus end up a total shit bomb, as usual).
But first thing's first: Is Nick Saban staying or is he going to Alabama?
Either way ... I'm glad the season is finally, mercifully, over. Now it's on to collect the fruits of our labor ...
The 9th pick.
I just threw up in my mouth.


Did I catch a niner in there?
Excellent Tommy Boy reference!

Well done.
I really think we need to draft offense this year. We do not have a problem on the defensive side of the ball other then our secondary and I think that can be fixed in Free Agency with someone like Nate Clements. When our D is ranked in the top 5 and we hold other teams to 15 points a game, we should not have a team that is under .500

We need some explosiveness on the offensive side of the ball. We saw a bit of that towards the end of the year when Cleo started getting McMike involved. It's a shame we have a weapon like McMike and we were wasting him 3/4 of the season on blocking. Doesn't Nick Saban watch Sprotscenter? Doesn't he see how well used TE's are used around the league. NOT TO FUCKING BLOCK. McMike has looked like a different player the last 2 games with Cleo getting him involved. I really want to keep Booker as well and make more use of Welker in the slot. I have no comment about Chambers. I have no idea what is wrong with this fool.

While thinking about the Nick Saban thing for a couple days it hit me this morning I really don't care if this fool leaves. I keep thinking of what life was before he got here, and it wasn't much different.
BTW Nick Saban presser scheduled for 4 PM on MiamiDolphins website.
I agree. Saban leaving or staying if fine either way. But this is the time when NFL teams fire their coaches and start filling them up again. If Saban decides to go, I hope it's soon. I'd hate to lose a worthy candidate to the Cardinals or Falcons because Nicky boy took too long to decide. Whether he stays or goes who ever is in charge needs to adress the offense and the whole offense. Starting with QB.
9th pick is pretty good. But Saban will f^%$ it up again. I hope he goes to Bama and leaves the drafting/trades/free agent signings to people who know WTF theyre doing.
Really ... talent evaluation is sometimes more important than X's and O's. At least in the NFL. No matter how good you draw it up you're not going to win if you aint got the horses. And we aint got the horses.

Saban so far has proved to be a good X's and O's guy but a terrible talent evaluater. We can do so much with the 9th pick but if he's still calling the shots come April I think we're screwed.
what a frikin travesty. this guy came in with such high hopes, he trades for culpepper and we end up 6-9 and with the 9th damn pick! like you said. if he stays he's going to f-it up and draft a player who wont be able to crack the starting lineup like allen.
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