Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No Thanks To Mike Shula

I think Mike Shula is an okay college coach. BUT, if we’re talking about him taking over the Dolphins head coaching spot, I say no thank you.

I’ve seen polls and read in forums where a lot of fans like the idea of Shula as the coach. I think it’s because of his name. If we were talking about the Dolphins interviewing former Alabama head coach Mike Smith, these same fans would throw their arms in the air and wonder what Wayne Huizenga was smoking.

But the fact is, he’s former Alabama head coach Mike SHULA. And that, I think, is blinding some of these people.

Armando Salguero, who broke the story about Shula being a candidate, says the Dolphins insist that Shula is not among the candidates because of his father, Hall of Famer Don Shula. But the Dolphins have already stated that they’re getting feed back from Don about the head coaching job. Don Shula is advising the Dolphins on their coaching search. Whether or not they’re telling the truth about the relationship between father and son not playing a factor is irrelevant. If Mike is given this job not only will he forever have the cloud of “having this job because of Daddy” hanging over his head for the duration of his tenure here. But he will also have to constantly live under Don’s looming shadow, making the fans’ expectations unreasonable. That’s what’s got these fans who voted for him and talking about him in the forums all lathered up. He’s Don’s boy. His name is Shula. Any other name and we’d all be saying, “Next!”

Now let’s forget this is Don Shula’s son for a second and let’s look at Mike Shula the coach, and why he should NOT be the Dolphins’ next head coach.

After a few NFL stints in Miami and Chicago as quarterbacks coach, Shula made his name as Tony Dungy’s offensive coordinator in Tampa Bay. He was eventually fired when the Bucs’ offense was ranked 21st in the league. He was then given the Alabama job. His time at Bama has been marked with mediocre teams, one good season, and a final season where he “lost” his players – 2006 was marred by a supposed lack of discipline and sloppy play from his players. In 4 seasons with the ‘Tide, Shula's record is 26-23 (4-9, 6-6, 10-2, 6-6).

In the end, his resume and track record leaves very little to be desired.

If, in fact, the Dolphins have narrowed down their search to three candidates -- Chan Gailey, Jim Mora and, now, apparently, Mike Shula -- this team needs to give this job to Jim Mora so it can move on and start planning ahead to the draft and the off-season.

Unless Cam Cameron is still in the mix, Mora needs to be offered the job. Period.

Update 1: Looks like Dad has already made a public statement endorsing Mike. On the Dolphins official website no less! Wow. The Dolphins would be wise to reconsider this whole Mike Shula thing and move on to the other candidates. Salguero, you've been duped.

Update 2: As JD reported in the comments, Cam Cameron is slated for a second interview.

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Weidmeier also added that Dolphins defensive chief Dom Capers, who recently agreed to a three-year extension, is indeed still a candidate for the head-coaching spot. He also said that the representatives of Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has been contacted, and he, too,will interview for the second time.

"There is no timetable,'' Weidmeier said. "The key thing is to find the best coach for the Miami Dolphins, the right fit.''

There's a new scoop for ya. That's great news right there. Cam is still #1 on my list.

Yes! Cameron IS still in the picture! Thanks for the scoop, J.D.

LOL Anonymous!! Funny. I think I remember that article about Marino and Mitchell. Wasn't it Dan Le Batard who wrote it? Maybe it was Armando. Whatever. They're all morons.

GO PHINS!!! Hire Cam!!!
I agree with you Dude that if they hire Shula he will have to live up to his Dad's name. The fans here can be extremely unreasonable and if Shula doesn't do REALLY, REALLY well out of the gates, he'll be chased out of town and we'll be right back to square one. The expectations are already huge for Mike. Like you said, the reason 250+ people are voting for him in the polls is because his name is Shula.
This whole thing about Mike Shula is not about hiring a coach. It's about hiring "The Shula mystique." Wayne's cronies can sell us all they want about Mike being a legitamate candidate but if that's the case, why isn't Shula being at least interviewed by other teams that are looking for coaches? (Pittsburgh, Oakland, etc.).

That mystique will wear off real fast as soon as this team starts to hit some bumps -- and it will. And as soon as the team starts to faulter, we're all going to blame BOTH Mike and Don. The guy is destined to fail if he's hired as DOLPHINS coach because he will never live up to Don's legend. No one will.

It's the same thing with Chan Gailey. The guy SUCKED as an NFL coach and SUCKED as a college coach. Why on earth is he a top candidate?

This thing was botched the moment they let Whisenhunt sign with the Cardinals. Now the lone candidate worthy of this job is Jim Mora. He's not the best choice, but he's the best available.

Cam Cameron is up there too but I have some reservations on the guy after some questionable play calls during last week's loss to New England.
"Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron is considered an innovative mind, and a lot of NFL people don't hold his 18-37 record as Indiana University's head coach against him. But his dry personality did not leave a positive impression on another team that recently interviewed him, an NFL official said."

posted by Barry Jackson at the Herald...

I still think Cam is the best choice...i don't give a shit if he's Mr. Personality or not, if he's putting us in game winning situations, I wouldn't care if he were a marionette with WH pulling the strings...

Exactly Lady Phin! It's not like Bill Belichick is Mr. Charisma.

Thanks for breaking the Marty news here ... that's a relief!
What don't we just interview Bill Belichick's pothead son while we're at it.

Fucken jokers.
[i]Chan Gailey has told an incoming Georgia Tech recruit that the Dolphins should decide their coaching seach "sometime around Thursday."[/i]


Looks like we could get a decision by tomorrow. It's about time. I grew a full chia pet in the time it has taken to find a new coach.
I'm pulling for Cameron.

Wouldn't surprise me if it's Gailey, or even Capers.
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