Monday, January 15, 2007


PFT is reporting that Marty Schottenheimer and Chargers GM AJ Smith are going to have a sit down on Tuesday. And it's not to have a discussion on the latest season of 24. It's very likely Marty's gonna get wacked here. Fox Sports reported last week that Marty would get the axe if San Diego lost this weekend. And they did lose. They lost a game where they actually outplayed the Patriots -- except for the dropped balls, turnovers, ill-timed replay challenges and blunders.

Why is this relevant here? Because there has been speculation that the Dolphins would make a run at Marty.

And this what I say to that ... AH HELLLS NO!!!!!

That is all. I really don't need to get into the reasons why, do I? I trust you guys. You guys are smart. Let's move on and hope the Two Monkeys and a yo-yo are as smart as us all.

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