Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nick Saban To Alabama Updates

Kevin Lerner of the Sentinel thinks Saban is gone.

And the Herald's Armano Salquero throws his two cents in here. And here.

My feeling has always been that Saban is done here. And the more time passes today, the longer it takes for the news to come out, the more I'm convinced that Saban is going to Bama.

So, I'm preparing a future post on who the Dolphins should target to be their next head coach. Just in case.

Keep your comments coming. I find your insights and thoughts very interesting.

Keep checking back as I'll post something if and when it breaks. For now, here's a late night phone call from Alabama to Nick Saban for you to read as you wait. Pretty funny stuff.

Update 6: My source at the Sun-Sentinel -- yes, I have a source! -- was right. The Sentinel just made the 'postponement' request report official.

Update 5: 790 The Ticket just reported the same thing I wrote that my source said below. And commenter Brigadier Pudding just said ESPNNews is saying a Fins source believes Saban is going to Bama.

Update 4: My Sun-Sentinel source -- yes I have a source! -- just told me that Saban has asked Wayne for more time to decide. The source also said that Saban will make a final decision by 10 AM tomorrow. This has officially gotten completely re-god-damn-diculous.

Update 3: My source over at the Sun-Sentinel -- yes, I have a source! -- told me that there is a rumor going around that Wayne is willing to offer Saban more money to stay (which, if true, would be a mistake).

Update 2: JD over at SporTech says that Saban is locked in his office, trying to decide what to do. That's right, Saban is apparently acting like a 14 year old girl who just had a fight with her dad.

Update: 790 The Ticket just reported that Saban and Wayne are currently meeting again right now. So we should know real soon.


Personally I don't think he's going. I think he has to entertain the offer but ultimately I think he wants to stay and finish the job here in Miami.
Jeez this is like waiting for my girl to check her pregnancy test.
Checkin from my Slingbox at work on NFL Live. John Clayton reporting Nick Saban is locked in his office and is pondering the job. He won't open his door to anyone knocking.

John Clayton feels he will take the job. He also noted that WH did not make any attempt to counter the offer that Alabama made.
Good for Wayne.

I think he's already given slick Nicky more than enough. And has little, if anything, to show for it.
Locked in his office? What the fuck is THAT about?

JD, you're not locked in the bathroom are you?

And this just in: Matt Millen will return to the Lions. What does a guy have to do to get fired?
Nicky is locked in his office with a Little Debbie snack cake is trying to figure out which job is more relative to his snake cakes then the other.

Rojo, unfortunatley I am locked in my office blogging and watching Slingbox NFL Live.
Ok. Just checking. Thought maybe you had locked yourself away waiting for your girl friend's test results :)
Oh rojo I was just trying to make a humorous analogy. Apparently I failed. Hahahhah.

I'm smart. I'm single.
I got it. It was I who failed with my: "JD, you're not locked in the bathroom are you?" line.

Ok I'll be back when Saban makes up his freakin mind!!
Any year now, Nicky.
Just in from ESPNEWS:

Mort is reporting Saban has left the Dolphins practice facility and that a source from the Phins coaching staff believes he will take the Bama coaching job.

We're getting close, kids.
Saban postpones decision until 10 a.m. Wednesday

Make up your fucking mind already. Jesus.
The funny thing is I am not going to give a shit either way. It's not like I'm waiting on the decision of if we got Daunte or Drew. This is just lame and I don't think we are worse off with or without him.
Holy shit I just wasted my day checking in on this damn story for this!? A postponement? (no offense meant towards you Dude.) Funny thing is, I really don't care either way either and yet I've spent my whole work day logging in here to see what the latest was. We're pathetically passionate about our Dolphins!
Too funny....someone told me, but I didn't believe it.....the ego trip Saban is, is waiting for the very day LSU goes to the Sugar Bowl to announce his move to Bama....classic !!

Rollll Tide Baby !!
Yea, good point Anonymous.

I agree that at this point, this whole things is a foregone conclusion. Saban is on his way to Tuskalooska and good luck to the poor Bama fans with all that.

Whoever we replace him with, the key will be how much power the GM gets. I think someone else commented on that earlier. This team has so many holes to fill and needs someone who knows how to evaluate and pick good players.

What a mess...
"the ego trip Saban is, is waiting for the very day LSU goes to the Sugar Bowl to announce his"

Def. a great point, Anonymous. Joke or not, it wouldn't shock me in the least to know this shit for brains and his massive ego waited for the Sugar Bowl to decide. It IS the SEC after all.
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