Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hey, Sean Salisbury Sent Me A Picture!

Hey folks, sorry about the lack of posts today. Blogger took a shit and had a day-long outage to fix something that is going to break in another 2 weeks so they can have another day-long outage. Good thing Miami sports news was slow today. The day belonged to Gainesville anyway. Crap.

In any event, it’s free. So I can’t bitch too much. Some day I might tell Blogger to put that coffee down, get smart like JD and plunk down some money to do the site on Word Press. Until then …

Anyway, some quick hits:

-Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz is going to be the 10th candidate the Dolphins will interview. I like it but would rather have him as an OC rather than a HC. Oh and Mike Martz is batshit insane.

-Dom Capers interviewed for the vacancy yesterday. Dom Capers has a dead squirrel on his head.

-Mike Tomlin also interviewed for the job. Something tells me Tomlin could be a real dark horse in this whole thing. NFL Insiders believe he’s a quick-rising football mind who will someday be a very good head coach. He may be a smart choice. What am I talking about? We have two monkeys with a yo-yo running shit down here.

-I’ve said it, JD said it today, Nick Buoniconti said it today on Dan Le Batard’s show: THE DOLPHINS NEED TO MAKE THEIR GM SPOT A PRIORITY!!!! And yet Wayne is flying to Costa Rica and meeting with Pete Carroll, who wants total control…. Two monkeys and a yo-yo.

-NFL Network’s Adam Schefter doesn’t think Pete Carroll is leaving USC. Schefter reminds me of an elementary school pal of mine named Niles. Just thought I’d share that with you.

I'll update anything that happens here …. (unless the hamster over at blogger dies again)

P.S. Some of you long time readers of the MSD know how much I hate ESPN’s Sean Salisbury. This is the reason for the post headline today. Just in case you’ve been living in a cave lately … or maybe you’ve been trying to post on Blogger all day.

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Sorry to hear about your downtime today Dude. Damn the man! I might have a nice offer for you as far as switing to Wordpress. We can discuss this in the future.

I have a question for you. What the fuck did Harold Reynolds do to ESPN? For crying out loud. Salisbury Steak, who btw might be my most hated person on ESPN besides Skip Bayless, shows his penis to people and gets a fucking wrist slap? Does ESPN really value his astute insight? Jeez at least get a QB to replace him who has seen more then 15 snaps in the NFL.

I will be honest with you, when I hear Mike Martz's name I get a little smile. I know how explosive that guy can make an offense. If Jon Kitna can put up career numbers on a last place Lions team, Martz must be doing something right. He could turn CC's career in the right direction. No as the headcoach, but yes to OC. He blows Mooolarkey away.

Hope to see you back in full action tomorrow Dude! No posts from MSD leaves the SoFla Sports Blog circle unfinished.
BTW. John Clayton has even more of a squirrel on his head.

Sorry about the crappy link.

Thanks JD.

Yea, I hate the double-standard ESPN has shown with Salisbury and Reynolds. I hate the fact that this whole thing wasn't even announced and only now was it uncovered.

Reynolds has a hell of a case in his suit against ESPN as I can't imagine him doing something worse than taking a picture of his junk and sending it to female staffers.
Heheheh junk and staffers.

/family guy
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