Friday, January 19, 2007

Dolphins New Head Coach (Updated)


It's official. Cam Cameron has accepted the Dolphins offer and will become the new head coach for your Miami Dolphins. The 45 year old Cameron becomes the 7th head coach in franchise history, replacing Nick Saban. He leaves his post as offensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers, who had the top rated offense in the league this season. He’s also known in league circles as an offensive innovator and talented quarterback developer.

He was our number one choice in the MSD Coaching Prospects column and we truly believe the Dolphins hired themselves the best candidate available.

This team still has a lot of holes to fill and is in dire need of offensive play makers. But this is a significant first step. Now it's up to the personnel department to build a talented team for Cam to work with.

Watch the press conference here

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Hey-OHH!!! That's awesome! Now we just need to hope Mrs. Cameron doesn't wear the pants in the family like Mrs. Saban does ... and we're golden!
That's outstanding. Let's just hope the ole Dolphin Bad Luck doesn't rear it's ugly head and derail this thing. "Details need to be ironed out" scares me. But I guess it's all a formality from here on out, right?
I'm not worried, Cliff. This'll get done. Now I'm just worried that we might lose Mueller to the damn Titans!!!

But this is a good hiring.

Is Al Pacino making an appearance here as an Anonymous commenter? (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Somewhere Ronnie Brown just got word of this news and got a hard on.
The news is good. But I prefer a picture of a random's cheerleader's ass. But that's just me.
JD I will now never be able to get that image burned from my mind. Thanks alot!
Good Move...With any of these candidates there is some risk, but I think Cameron was the right guy. He gives us more hope than some of the retreads. I hope Capers is retained as D.C.

ALRIGHT!!!! This is definitely good news. Now I'm ready to see what happens in the draft. Jason13, you're right too. WHAT AN ASS!!!
The more I think about this signing the more excited I get. Finally someone who will know how to maximize Ronnie Brown's talents. RB has been wasted the past 2 seasons.
(raising a glass of hennessy and tonic)

Please toast with me to the beginning of a once again proud franchise...

Go Cam, it's your birthday...

Mueller...pleazeeeeee stay, I think he will because Cam's here and there is a new energy...

oh also, welcome back, bandwagoners

rejoicing, rejoicing...

This is great! His whole attitude and approach is so different from that snake that used to coach this team... the way he helped Brees and Rivers gives me a lot of encouragement about the future of this team! I'm glad the brass did the right thing and gave the right guy the job.

GO FINS!!!!!

Now fire Mike Mularkey and let's start to turn this thing around!!!
Booyaaaa we got a coach baby!!! What a difference from what we all felt a few weeks ago when Nick the Dick skipped town. He's got his work cut out for him on the offensive side. Next stop: Senior Bowl!
"He was our number one choice in the MSD Coaching Prospects column and we truly believe the Dolphins hired themselves the best candidate available."

Is that the Royal "We" Dude? Or are you hearing voices in your head again? :)

Great job with that column and with all the updates Dude! Maybe Wayne read it and took your advice!

Now that this is done and we officially have a coach... I'm going to Key West and I ain't gonna look at a computer screen again til Monday!

Lady Phin, I'll crack open a Corona and toast you from there!


We aren't out of the woods yet, But this hiring gives us something to be excited over. The offense is instantly upgraded. I'll drink to that! We've been through a lot as Dolphins' fans over the last 30 years, and we are due some good luck. The journey is just begining. Hopefully the next time we toast, its to a Super Bowl WIN!


Now we can focus on the draft!
i agree we're not out of the woods. cameron isn't going to work any instant miracles. but this is a start and it's good to know that he's refferring to his relationship with mueller as a "marriage." now we can start focusing on the draft and the upcoming free agency period. we're not going to win the super bowl in 2007 but at least we're one step closer than we were a month ago.
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