Thursday, January 25, 2007

David Woodley Thanks Rex Grossman From the Beyond ...

It’s been a slow Dolphins news day. Really slow. How slow? David Woodley is making the news-rounds today., and even 790 the Ticket are all talking about the greatness that was the Miami Dolphins’ own David Woodley. ran a poll of the worst quarterbacks to ever play in a Super Bowl. Current Bears QB Rex Grossman ran away with it with Woodley finishing 5th of 6 choices. Boog Sciambi of 790 the Ticket had an entire segment on his show today arguing why Woodley should’ve won that poll. has an entire column on the all time all-time greatest disparities between quarterbacks who faced each other in a Super Bowl. Number one on that list? Joe Theisman versus David Woodley.

Woodley is possibly the most tragic figure in Dolphins history. The guy led the Fins – well, co-led with Don Strock – to the Super Bowl XVII where they lost to the Redskins. However, during the off-season that same year, in the first round of the NFL Draft, the Dolphins selected a quarterback from the University of Pittsburgh named Dan Marino. During his rookie season, Marino took over when Don Shula yanked a struggling Woodley on a Monday night game against the Raiders. And that pretty much ended the David Woodley era. Woodley was later traded to the Steelers and the rest of his career fizzled. Woodley eventually sank into a life of obscurity and alcoholism until his untimely death in 2003.

And now, thanks to the greatness of the Colt’s Peyton Manning and the suckyness of the Bears’ Rex Grossman, Woodley’s name has popped back into the mainstream. Chances are good that we’ll see more of Woodley in the next week and a half leading up to the Super Bowl.

Anyway … it is what it is. Woodley bridged the gap between Hall of Famers Bob Griese and Dan Marino and, along the way, took us to a Super Bowl. And thanks to this year's Super Bowl, Woodley’s proverbial 15 minutes of fame has been extended an extra 5.

In a way, this is a good thing for us Dolphins fans. Woodley is a fresh reminder that even when there is a supposedly good quarterback on your roster, you still shouldn’t be afraid to take a quarterback in the draft.

This means you, Daunte Culpepper (consider yourself warned, or Woodleyed, as it were) …

Update: The Sun-Sentinel has jumped into the David Woodley pants party!


Ha ha... this was funny and sad all at the same time. And you can be sure a David Woodley vs. Joe Theisman montage will be shown during the Super Bowl's 8 1/2 hour pre game next week.

I remember watching Woodley as a kid back in the day and remember hating him and begging Shula to bring in Strock. Yikes! Have Harrington and Culpepper turned into the Strock/Woodley of the modern era? Jesus I hope not.
Who can ever forget Woodstrock! Woodely went 0-8 in the 2nd half of that Super Bowl. But in the end, we could fucking tackle John Riggins. That's what did us in. Imagine if we would've won that Super Bowl. Woodley with a ring and Dan the Man with none. THAT would've been freaking nuts!
COULDN'T tackle John Riggins. Stupid fucking fingers.
Yeah you're right scott that would be crazy!!! That would make up the duo of "HARYCULP"....YIKES!!
So we're going to have to hear crap about Marino (since he and Manning never won a SB) and David Woodley too? That's wonderful.

I'm too young to remember Woodstrock but my brothers remember them (not so fondly). Hopefully the next QB we draft will be our "next" Marino.
I asked my mom (who is and even bigger fin fan than I am) what the deal was with this as I too, were a wee bit young to remember...

all she did was shake her head and give the "Go Bears" cheer (she's a Pey-tah Ha-tah)anyways, we neeeddddddd this draft to be productive...

file that last bit under "understatement of the year"

dont look now but Rex grossman is in your future. He loves Florida weather. Has super bowl experience and not many can claimthat.t
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