Saturday, January 20, 2007

Capers, Mueller To Stay With Dolphins

New Regime Off To Excellent Start

Now that the Dolphins have nailed down their head coach, the Miami Herald reported today that not only will General Manager Randy Mueller remain with the team in an increased capacity, but defensive coordinator Dom Capers also will also return -- this according to Dolphins owner H. Wayne Huizenga.

Along with the hiring of Cam Cameron as head coach, the Dolphins retaining Capers and Mueller is excellent news.

The Fins' offer to Capers is a three-year contract that will make him the highest paid assistant coach in the NFL. Capers had reportedly not signed the contract up until yesterday before the team announced Cameron would become the new head coach. But now that Cameron is officially on board, according to the Herald, Capers finally signed the contract.

A report surfaced Friday that the Tennessee Titans were interested in speaking with Mueller about their vacant GM spot. But it appears, from this Herald article, that Mueller will sign an extension and will stay with the Dolphins. Plus, Mueller will have a bigger role than when he worked under Nick Saban. He will actually get to be a GM.

During his press conference yesterday, Cameron went out of his way to say that he and Mueller will work together and even described their new partnership with a "marriage" analogy. Then during a post-press conference interview, Huizenga told 790 The Ticket's Jimmy Cefalo that Mueller will not be answering to Cameron but rather to team president Bryan Wiedmeier.
This is a far cry from the old regime and its static, rigid methods. In just a matter of 24 hours, the Dolphins have swept away any and all remnants of the Saban era and have ushered in a fresh, new chapter in Dolphins history. One that is defined by teamwork, mutual growth and individuals doing the jobs they've been hired to do. Mueller will do what he does best -- scout and evaluate talent. Cameron and Capers will do what they do best -- coach.
So far, this new regime is off to a great start. Now it's just a matter of finding the talent, filling in the gaps and seeing the fruits of their labor on the field.

Go Fins!!

Update: Cameron told reporters Friday that he will be calling the offensive plays from the sidelines, which leaves Mike Mularkey in a bit of a pickle. This just keeps getting better!


I'm thrilled about the Mueller news, however this little tidbit caused me pause:

If there is a disagreement on a player in the draft or free agency, owner Wayne Huizenga said team President Bryan Wiedmeier would break the tie.

The good news is it appears that Mueller and Cam really hit it off and are on the same page about what they look for in a player, etc., but will it be that way when the heat is on? Lets be honest here: this is the NFL and both men have enormous egos by trade. The power seems a touch ambiguous to me.

And I just really hate the idea of possibly giving a guy in Wiedmeier, who's background is in the business side of things, a say in personnel.

What do you think, Dude? Am I just nitpicking?
BP, I think your concerns are legit. But I also think this is just a case of a team that is so used to running things one way (head coach has all the say) that it's now trying to adjust running it another.

I think them deferring to Huizenga or Weidmeir if Cam and Randy can’t agree is just a last resort kind of thing and I think it’s highly unlikely it’ll ever come down to that. The Patriots are run in a similar way in that Belichick and Pioli are peers to an extent and so far their egos have not gotten in the way. We just have to hope the same can be said about Mueller and Cam and I think they’ll work well together.
I think this is a great stride in the direciton of success and of course time will tell but the one good thing is, the Saban era is outta here...

everything takes a little time to evolve and I think we fans can be patient enough to see that happen...

great things are a-coming
well said lady phin. dolphins fans can be unreasonable with things. this team has a few things to fix and cam isn't going to turn us into a super bowl contender over night. patience. patience. patience.

go phins!!!
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