Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tom Brady Is An Arrogant Prick

Tom Brady, ESPN's All Time Favorite Quarterback, has been a bit prickly after Jason Taylor made him his personal Bitch last Sunday. When Brady was asked by the Boston media about the possibility that the Dolphins purchased tapes of his audibles to beat them, this was her response:
"I don't see that. I'd love to see evidence of that; that they could know exactly what our line calls are," Brady said. "Our defense knows what our line calls are and it doesn't matter. They could say that, but I think that's a big crock of you know what. I think it's a matter of how we played. I'm sure if you asked them, it probably sounds good for them to say they have it all figured out, but they're 6-7 and we're 9-4, so go tell me who probably has it more figured out."
Fucking arrogant prick! God I hate this guy. And by the way, is there any team in the NFL the Patriots hate facing more than the Dolphins?
I don't think so. I'm just upset that we won't be able to play them again until next season. Nothing hits the spot like Jason Taylor and the boys kicking this pretty boy's ass.


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