Monday, December 18, 2006

Once Again ... I Told You So!

Bills 21- Dolphins 0

This is what I wrote a few weeks ago:

"But the quarterback situation is still in the air. That is to say, Joey Harrington is still our starting quarterback. And as well as he’s been playing and as much moxie that he’s shown, he’s still Joey Harrington. He has no arm strength, his accuracy is questionable and he still makes the bone-headed, drive killing, momentum changing gallactically bad decision more often than not. Mark my words, Dolphins-Fans-Who-Look-At-Everything-As-The-Glass-Half-Full-No-Matter-What: Joey Harrington will find a way to botch a winnable game in the coming weeks. Write it down."

Did you write it down? I did. Now I'm going to say it again: This team needs a quarterback. Culpepper is not the answer, Harrington is certainly not the answer, and a guy who is not good enough to be ranked higher than Harrington on the depth chart is not the answer.

But, alas, the cry for Cleo Lemon is going come from the masses. I'm telling you. I guarantee it. It's like the Siren Song ... so tempting yet so very futile.

But before someone starts the fire, let me just quelch it by saying: Cleo Lemon is not Tom Brady. He's not the magical hero, no-name quarterback coming off the bench to save us. He's not. So don't even entertain the thought. He's a guy the Chargers thought was worthy enough to trade AJ Feeley for. He's a guy who looks good holding a clipboard and coming in when the QB is hurt or the game is out of reach.

This team needs a quarterback. And, sadly, that quarterback is currently not wearing a Miami Dolphins uniform.







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