Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day Recap

Dolphins Deliver Their Fans A Dick In A Box For X-Mas: Okay, so the season is in the shitter. Okay, so we might lose our coach to Alabama. Okay, so it's five years and running that we fail to make the post season. All we ask now from our Dolphins is that they deliver a win on Christmas night so that we can spoil the hated New York Jets' chances at getting into the playoffs. It's all we asked for now. Not much. Well, we Dolphins fans were told we'd get nothing and like it. I'm at a loss for what's become of this shit hole of an franchise. JD over at SporTech matter summed it up brilliantly. I'll have plenty to say about the 2006 Dolphins and the future. But I'll save it. I'm not going to say anything you already know and feel. I think MSD commenter Brigadier Pudding said it best in yesterday's comments. I'm just numb.

Moving on ...

D-Wade Delivers A Win! Wade Drops 40 on Mamba And The Giant-Freak: No matter now inconsistent this Heat team can get at times, Dwyane Wade once again proved that he can be The Man when playing before a national audience. Wade just flat out took over on both sides of the ball and dropped 40 points (while Kobe only managed 17) in addition to his 11 assists.

Phil Jackson himself conceded Wade’s brilliance, saying "We tried about four different things to try to stop Dwyane Wade, but none of them seemed to work."

He also accused Wade of traveling: "[Wade] travels on that spin move. He picks up that pivot foot … everybody knows it. Dwyane Wade can cover so much ground when he makes that move. As you know, he can go 20 feet with that spin move and get to the basket."

But no matter how much bullshit – err, sorry, I mean psychology – Phillip likes to play, he can’t change the fact that Dwyane Wade is now The Man and that he led his arch rival, Pat Riley, to another NBA title while Jackson is stuck with a selfish player and some dude named Smush on his team.

Really, some day we're all going to wake up to read that angry villagers with torches have chased Jackson into a windmill. "Fire bad!!!!"

Daunte Culpepper Wants To Fight Steve Young: If you were as brave and stupid enough to watch the entire Dolphins game last night as I was, you must have caught Steve Young in the booth with those three other douche bags. When they started to talk about the Dolphins' quarterback situation, Young said that Culpepper had failed to take hold of his role in Miami. And he accused Culpepper of missing team meetings.
Well, Culpepper was watching the game too, in a suite inside the Stadium. He no doubt said something like, "I don't miss meetings! I'm responsible!" while pushing the stripper off his lap and heading for the door. Anyway, Culpepper left the suite, limped his way down to the booth and waited for Young to come out. The two reportedly talked it out and somehow Joe Theisman got in on the conversation too. Theisman then cleared up Young's statement about Culpepper's missing meetings on the air.
Steve Young is just dumb. Perhaps he's had one too many concussions. Get your facts straight, Steve Young! Culpepper missing meetings is a bald face lie! And you know it! The truth -- the real truth -- is that Culpepper just sucks. If you had just said that on the air, then Culpepper wouldn't have dragged himself all over the stadium looking for you. He just would have sat there listenting to you say he sucks and would've said to himself, "Hmph. He's got me there."
Brigham Young educated my ass!
(Oh and, at one point Theisman commented on Joey Harrington's struggles. He said that the main culprit has been the receivers dropping passes. While I can't argue the fact that the receivers do drop passes, I can say with absolute certainty that Joe Theisman is a complete imbecile. Hey Joe, want to know the real culprit to Joey Harrington's struggles? You do? Okay ... listen closely. Ready? Here goes: He's Joey Harrington. Your welcome, Joe.)

Webb Gets His Due: In a final Merry Christmas to all us Dolphins fans -- Dan Marino's greatest pass protector, OT Richmon Webb, was honored with his name being inducted into the Dolphins Ring of Honor during half time of the Jets game last night. For 11 years (1990-2000), Webb protected Marino's blindside so capably that the Dolphins yielded an average of less than 27 sacks a year, including a low of 16 in 1990.
As a side note here -- I once met Richmond Webb at the Dolphins practice facility. He was very friendly, gave me an autograph and shot the breeze with me for a while. A true class act. Congrats, Richmond! Damn we wish we had you now!

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Crazy day yesterday. Heat win, Dolphins take a shit. Crazy.

No thoughts on the 4th and one call Dude? Ronnie was running all over the Jets and the Fins have nothing to lose and they kick a field goal???????

Yea, I'm done with the Nick Saban era.
4th and Fucking 1 you play to win the damn game. What the hell did we have to lose? Saban has been coaching like a pussy the whole season.

Stashless Wannstash I say!!!!!
I'm gonna say it again: Dwyane Wade is the best player in the NBA. PERIOD.

A great player dominates on offense and defense and D-Wade did both.

And Phil Jackson can kiss my ass! Jack ass!





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