Thursday, December 14, 2006

Better Ingredients ... Better Pizza ... Better Team???

Business First has a report that says Papa John himself, John Schnatter, is buying the Miami Dolphins. If this is true, I'm actually happy.
First of all, I eat a shit load of this stuff every week, so if Papa Johns owned the Dolphins, it would be like I own the Dolphins too. Secondly, I think current owner Wayne H. Huieszmshewohgrena is a terrible owner. This team has been a mess under his watch and the guy is a great business man but knows as much about football as I do about Scientology.
And ... The Great One does commercials for them. You know, when he's walking all alone in the park and decides to crash a picnic of complete strangers like he's been smoking pot all day and suddenly got the munchies. "Who wants to go deep?" Just sayin. Maybe it brings us good karma.
Thanks to
Stuck On The Palmetto for this story.


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