Friday, December 22, 2006

... Arrested on DUI Charge in Miami Beach

Here's a real life scenario for you. Happened last night: A Miami sports figure stumbles out of his car in a druken haze, pisses on the sidewalk and is approached by a cop who then arrests him ...

Take one guess who said sports figure is.

Nope, not Marcus Vick.

Nope, not Antoine Walker (he just looks like he's drunk all the time. But he's not.)

Nope, not Nick Saban. (he just acts like a mean drunken old man.)

It's this guy of all people!


via SporTech Matter


"Nope, not Antoine Walker (he just looks like he's drunk all the time. But he's not.)"

Too funny.

Willis is a young guy who made a young guy's mistake. He'll bounce back.
I can totally see Dontrelle becoming the new poster boy for Drunk Driving. He is going to do his damnest to get the word out there how big of a mistake he made. We all make mistakes. Some of them are stupider then others. Fact of the matter is he was lucky he got pulled over for the sake of the rest of the people on the road.

Momma Willis will not stand for this either.

I have the mind of a 12 year old.
Once again a black man is targetted for being black. That is bad enough, but this man was also: black and rich; and black and sexually menacing to a white man (the cop). In the old days (which I am old enough to remember) he would have been lynched on the spot and the white cop accorded the "honor" of castrating him before the lynching.

I suppose we should regard mere arrest as an advancement in racial relations in this country.
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