Wednesday, November 08, 2006


This is absolutely tragic. I'm profoundly sad at the grim news of Bryan Pata's death. I am a fan of Pata's and expected him to excel in the NFL some day. He would've been a top pick in next year's NFL Draft. A bright future and a bright life tragically and senslessly taken from us.

RIP, Bryan Pata.

Always and forever a part of The U.

Update: Police Are Ruling It A Homicide
Second Update: Pata's MySpace Page (It's filled with tributes & testimonials)


RIP. Simply horrible. UM to play Saturday's game in tribute...
Isn't this like the 3rd or 4th death for UM in the last few years? This sucks. From what I hear, he was a really great person and a guy who never had any real problems as far as being a "thug" or trouble maker. A kid with his head on straight. This is so senseless.
Sad. Just sad. I second what rojo said -- everything I ever heard about Pata is that he was a good person and never a trouble maker. It's so frustrating not knowing why they killed him. This really freakin blows. RIP B.P.
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