Monday, October 02, 2006


-We have ourselves a no nonsense, genius head coach in the mold of Bill Belichick!

-After years of toiling with mediocre quarterbacks like Fiedler, Feeley and Frerotte, we made a big trade with the Vikings and now have ourselves one the best quarterbacks in the league and the next Dan Marino!

-We have one of the best pass rushers and linebackers in the NFL! And we just got a defensive back with a “linebacker” mentality with the 16th pick in this year’s draft!

-ESPN keeps saying how we were just a quarterback away from being a legit contender and now the New England Patriots' long reign atop the AFC East is going to come to an end!

-Sports Illustrated has picked us to go to the Super Bowl this season! And the Super Bowl is being played here in Miami!

Let’s do this!!

Let’s go!

The NFL is about to feel the wrath of the 2006 Miami Dolphins!

Daunte Culpepper!

Ronnie Brown!

Chris Chambers!

Zach Thomas!

Jason Taylor! …

Oh yea! It’s time to kick asses and take names!

It’s time to get back the glory!


All the pieces are in place!

This is it!

This is our year!


HERE WE GO .....

1-3. Beaten by the worst team in the NFL. One win better than the shit-kicker Oakland Raiders and the quarterback-less Tennessee Titans. The same record as the consistently crappy Cleveland Browns and perennial losers Arizona Cardinals. The NFL Leader in sacks allowed (21) and an offense that can't find the endzone if it were tatooed on eachother's asses. But it's worse than being among the worst teams in the NFL. At least the Raiders, Cardinals, Titans and Browns have an excuse. What do we have?

And if I hear Nick Saban say one more thing about how "close we are in terms of making plays" I swear to God I'm going to strangle the next person I see.


One and Fucking Three.

Being a Miami Dolphin fan is like being in love with and married to the town whore. She's beautiful, she's great in the sack and no matter how much you believe she loves you and you are her man ... in the end, she's still a fucking whore and she'll always .. ALWAYS ... rip your fucking heart out. And the worst part is not only do you keep coming back for more, but you also keep forgetting what she does to you.



Great Ceasar's ghost we suck! I keep hearing and reading how we need to bench Culpepper and bring in Harrington. WTF???

Has anyone seen the play of our offensive line???

Has anyone seen the play-calling of that shit heal Mike Mularkey???

Culpepper is not the problem here!!

and saban is about to have is 'free pass' revoked!!

genius my ass!!!!
This is by far THE worst Dolphins team of my lifetime. Yes, the Wadnsdett years were horrible. But when you can barely beat the Titans and you lose to the Texans, that's just rock bottom. This is the worst offense I've ever seen down here. We're not a team in progress -- we're going backwards.

That 2 point conversion call was absolute horseshit! When you can't score more than 15 godamed points against the fucking Texans, you are THE WORST team in the NFL!!!

Damn, I'm so pissed off today. Fire Saban, fire Mularkey and get rid of Huizenga ... we've been nothing but shit since Wayne has owned the Dolphins!!!
Holy geez. I thought my last post after Martyball doomed the Bolts in Baltimore was a bit too "off the handle." You've trounced mine. My hat is off to you, good sir. Don't go overdose on pain-killers now.

At least Shaq is back in the news, being funny, and demanding NBA Officials have their college degrees revoked.

Oh, and I have a friend who looks a lot like Matt Hasselbeck. I can kick him in the nuts next time I see him if you like?

Stay up homie! It's still early. Y'all learned last season that the Dolphins are a 2nd half of the season team...if they go manage to go 3-5 or 4-4, reel off 8 straight wins...that's 11-5 or 12-4!

Has my positivity made you vomit yet? I'm trying.





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