Monday, October 23, 2006

Thanks For The Memories Brett ... Now Go Away

Yesterday's embarrasing loss to the Packers was a nice farewell to old No. 4 Brett Favre. A nice send off for a once great quarterback.

Now, please, for the love of all that is right and decent and good in the world and for the love of all heartburn sufferers everywhere, please, Brett ... just retire already.

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. I can’t stand the likes of John Madden and Peter King droning on and on about how great you are. And if you break Dan Marino’s all time touch down record, you just know all the major sports media outlets, like ESPN and FOX Sports and HBO Sports and CBS Sportsline are all going to simultaneously ejaculate all over themselves and destroy the world’s sports infrastructure as we know it, running over one another to make endless emotional vignettes with golden hued filtered camera lenses and cover this ground breaking, amazing, earth-shattering moment in sports history that equals Hank Aaron’s HR record or USA Hockey’s Miracle moment, or Michael Jordan’s third comeback like we just discoverd oil on Mars. You know, all the shit these fucktards failed to do back when Marino broke the record.

Just go away, Brett. For the good of sports fans everywhere – including Wisconsin – just go away.

I love you. Now fuck off.


Amen to that! The ONLY reason his sorry ass is coming back is to break Marino's records for TDs, because there is no way in hell the Pack have a chance to play for anything meaningful this year. It is so painfully obvious to me, but nobody is talking about how selfish he is.

C'mon man, there's nothing to be proud in breaking Dan's records which took him 14 years to write (strike in 1987 and injury in 1993), so have a nice steaming-hot cup of STFU and go away!!





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