Thursday, October 12, 2006

Surfing The Interwebs (10/12/06)

Surfing The Interwebs ...

-An outstanding article about the Dolphins' offensive line woes by the guys at Football Outsiders. Why can't the Herald or Sun-Sentinel or the Post report about the Fins like this? Oh yea, because they're a bunch of wind-bag, fish wrapper douchey-mcdouchebags, that's why! [Football Outsiders]

-This Daunte Culpepper thing could someday become a serious issue for the Dolphins. Ya think? [ESPN]

-Breaking News: Someone named Daunte Culpepperonici called the Suicide Hotline over at KSK in the middle of the night. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

-Not feeling good about this week's matchup against the Jets? Not too thrilled that we have a gimp and a first round bust as our quarterbacks? Well, just close your eyes and pretend that it's 1994 and then watch this video (with your eyes open, jack-ass!). [SportTech Matter]

-Are you ready for the Miami Heat to begin their season as the defending NBA World Champions? Am I? Damn right I am! And it looks like Deeeeetroit's Rashweed is projected to break the all time record for getting technical fouls called on him for his usual whining and bitching. [The Mighty MJD]

-If you think watching the Dolphins this weekend will be a waste of time, why not go out Sunday and check out this exhibit at MetroZoo instead. It's only slightly shittier than the Dolphins. [Stuck On The Palmetto]

-The best thing I've read (or even heard) on the Corey Lidle tragedy. RIP Corey. [The Dugout]

... Tomorrow, my Dolphins-Jets preview. If you care.

“I don’t understand it, man, especially for a team like ours,” Chauncey Billups said.

“They know we are a very emotional team. I feel like this is a Pistons rule. It just gives them easier access to have us open up and get emotional and then, boom, they bust our bubble. It’s like they are trying to take the emotion out of the game.”

Yeah Chauncey, b/c last time I checked the Pistons were the only team in the NBA. How about you "men" show some fucking restraint for once and not act like 2 year olds who just got sent to timeout. Also hate to break it to you Chaunce you horse mouth looking fuck, your shit has started to stink again, so stop walking around like it doesn't.

Oh and that calls for this picture:

Sorry for being so bitter today, I am anxious to get the fuck outta work.
Not bitter at all, JD.

In fact, what you wrote here is the best thing I've read all day!

Now put down that maching gun and slowly back away. It's Friday ... it's Friday.
JD's gone postal!
I feel JD's pain and anger. But he's right about the Pistons. Shut the fuck up Pistons!

Dude, where's the Dolphins-Jets preview?

My prediction: Dolphins 20-Jets 23

Dolphins will keep it close but lose when Olindo "What's My Excuse Gonna Be This Week?" Mare misses a last second FG to tie it up.

1-5 indeed. I'm sure Brady Quinn will love South Beach.
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