Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Let's Do It Again ... (I'm Still Gloating)

And so it begins.

The Miami Heat begin their defense of the 2006 NBA Championship. Alonzo Mourning returns for at least one more ride as the Heat’s All Time Warrior. Pat Riley returns to do what has not been done since 2002 – coach a team to back-to-back titles. Udonis The Curshernaut Haslem returns to do the dirty work. James Posey returns to hit timely threes and play stifling defense (and keep 'Toine on the bench). And, of course, the Diesel is back to do what he does.

And then there’s Dwyane Wade.

NBA Finals MVP.

Cover boy.

And leader of the pack of the Big Three

With a title defense also comes the Big Target. Everybody is going to come at us with all they’ve got to un-seed the champs. The internet is already buzzing with Wade Hatred, tired (and unfunny) “he just got fouled again” jokes and the unending, mass of jumbled jealous minutia that complains about his “fake” injuries or his propensity to hit the foul line with Jordan-esque regularity. Or his supposed “whining” – whatever that means.

I got a message for the Wade Haters out there.

Face it, assholes. Dwyane Wade is here to stay. He’s the 2006 NBA Finals MVP. He’s the savior of the Heat franchise. He’s an amazing player with boundless talent. He’s better than your teams’ best player. And he’s ours. So fuck you. You want to hate on someone? Hate your team’s GM and coaches and players, who have been unable to lead your team to a world championship as Wade did for us.

That’s right, America. Fuck you. Dwyane Wade is the Real Deal. So suck on it.

Anyway … we begin our title defense tonight.

For me, it’s especially sweet because I have many friends who are fans of the Chicago Bulls. They became fans back in the 90’s when they decided that they had been life-long fans of the team, even though they’ve lived in South Florida all they’re lives and couldn’t find Illinois on a map even if it was circled in bright red with the words Chicago Is Right Here written in Dennis Rodman’s hair dye. It’s sweet because we had to go through the Bulls to win it all last season. It’s sweet because they and their fans will have to watch tonight as the Heat unfurl the championship banner and our players get their rings.

I have always dreamed of this moment. Whenever I would hit the AAA or even the old Arena, I’d look up at the rafters and wonder how awesome it would look to have a gigantic banner hanging down that read NBA Champions Miami Heat. We’ve had the luxury of seeing several Division Champions banners unfurled. We even got the unfortunate event of seeing Michael Jordan’s jersey retired down here (still the single dumbest thing this franchise has ever done. After signing Antoine Walker. And drafting Harold Minor).

But tonight that dream becomes a reality.

The highlight video will be played.

The fireworks will rocket into the Miami skyline.

The championship rings will be handed out.

The championship banner will be unfurled.

Soak it all in, Miami.

Your Miami Heat are World Champions of the NBA.

And tonight – we begin to defend it from the rest of the league.



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It's on baby!

I'm freakin stoked about tonight. And thank you Dude for putting the Wade Haters in their place.

It's all good. Tonight it's all about D-Wade and the Heat.

It's on like Donkey Kong bitches. I am expecting the Heat to get blown out tonight. Just have this weird feeling.

Nice preview Dude. Fuck the haters.
I'm so happy the NBA is back. As are the Heat. I can forget the crap-fest known as the Dolphins and focus in on a real winner. The TNT double-header is going to be the tits. LA vs. Pheonix. Bulls-Heat.


Let's Go Heaters
Unfortunately I'm feeling the same vibe as JD. Maybe it's because of all the hype thats gonna go down before the game. Whatever. The real highlight will the rings ceremony. We all know they dont turn it on until the playoffs anyway.

Go Heat! NBA Champs!!!
Looks like scott and my feelings were correct. What a rediculous game. What makes it even worse is the way the media will start portraying this team and how the Bulls will be the new team everyone salivates over.





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