Friday, October 13, 2006

"...Kicking Myself In The Teeth ..." : Dolphins - Jets

Sorry for the late post everybody. I was at the Alice In Chains show last night at Revolution. The show kicked ass as did the rest of my evening ... but I won't get into it here...

Anyway, I'm fried. So I'll keep it short and simple.

It's not like I need to leave a detailed scouting report on what the Dolphins need to do against the Jets. They need to protect Joey, not turn over the ball, minimize the penalties and .. oh yea ... GIVE THE BALL TO RONNIE!!!! You hear me Mularkey? You no good waste of space in the coache's booth!! GIVE ... THE.... BALL... TO ... RONNIE...!!!!

At this point I've reserved myself to being happy if we can just beat the Jets and Patriots. The season is lost anyway, but I need something to take solice in.

So hopefully our boys can end this godawful road trip with a win and, even better, a win against our long hated rival: J-E-T-S-Jets, Jets, Jets!!! By far the stupidest chant in all of professional sports. "Hey, look at us! We know how to spell!"

So the sole motivation to win here is to shut up New Yorkers who live here and yet continue to claim how much better their city is. Meanwhile, it's record snow in NY and down here it's as toasty as ever. These are the same pricks who claimed to be life looung die haaaad Yankee faaaans and are now, all of a sudden, life looung, die haaaaad Mets faaans.


That, and that alone, is why I want our Fins to get their shit together and win this week!

So ... say it with me, Miami:

Dolphins 20 - Jets 17


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