Monday, October 23, 2006

Hey, Everybody ... We're 1-6!!

Well, friends. Here we are. 1-6 and feeling pretty damn frustrated about our once proud American Football franchise known as the Miami Dolphins.

It was a game that featured Joey Harrington throwing 62 times – that is an accurate count, not your usual smart ass Dude sarcasm that has made me world famous – that’s right 62 times – Dan Marino never threw the ball 62 times in a game – and can I botch this sentence any more or keep adding this “ – “ to it to add to its clever stream of consciousness any more than I already have? No – I can’t.

Anyway … it was a game that featured Randy McMichael and his 38 dropped passes – see, now I’m being sarcastic. And Ronnie Brown standing still in the backfield when handed the ball – now I’m laying it on real good. And Mike Mularkey’s wonderful play calling – okay, now you see right through me, don’t you?

It was a game that featured it all. Terrible play by the O-line! Turnovers! Harrington's penchant for throwing passes into coverage at the worst possible time! Olindo Mare missing field goals! And our secondary being deep fried over and over and over again!

It was an embarrassing debacle. Pretty much like all our games this season (including the one win on our record).

So, you’re looking for a summary? Here it is in two sentences: SHIT. WE SUCK.

Back to you, Al and John …

And I just picked this up from SporTech Matter:

I guess “Fire Mike Mularkey” was taken. That’s how bad it’s gotten. People are shelling money over at Go Daddy to build multiple websites asking for Mularkey’s dismissal. Time to maybe invest in some Go Daddy stock. Because I sense more of these sites will be coming soon ...



It's pretty sad when the only reason I went to yesterday's game was to get one last glimpse of Brett Favre in action. Only things I got out of that game were a wicked sun burn and seeing 40+ year old titties on the HD board. It's pretty pathetic when our gameplan can not manage to get Ronnie 20+ carries especially when coming out of the lockerroom with a lead. In fact I do not think we ran that ball once in the red zone.

My love for the Dolphins turned into hysteria on Sunday when I found myself screaming for our corners to turn around every damn Packers pass play. It's pretty pathetic.

Wow I just realized I used the words pretty and pathetic alot in my comment. There must be something to that!

Nice wrapup Dude. Thank god for hockey season.
You crack me up JD!

Sorry you had to witness that in person.

And thank God for basketball season too (in 1 week!)!

BTW I have to steal that pic. Classic!





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