Tuesday, October 10, 2006

1-4 ... The More Things Change ...

... The More They Stay The Same???

I read this column. Agreed with it. Then threw up in my mouth.

Seriously ... WTF happened to this guy??? What happened to the Nick-Tator from last year? The guy who took shit from no one and brought a winner's mentality to a team that was conditioned to accept mediocrity?

He's suddenly like this Hare Krishna on Ritalin who is all happy go lucky and spews the same bull shit we used to get from Big Dave. "We're relly close," "We gotta stay positive," "We played are tails off"

What is that? What's this golly-gee bullshit? I know there's not much you can do at 1-4 and I know being a rah-rah guy is't going to help the offensive line block better ... but show me something, Nick! Kick some ass! I thought maybe there was hope when I heard that report that you and Daunte went at it during practice the other day. Dave would never do that with Jay Fielder! He'd just hold his hand and tell him he was his boy.

But then you went all kumbaya on our asses and gave us a story about you and your wife having an argument, then holding hands to say Grace and that's the end of it?

I want the old Nick Saban back!

You're turning into the Wandstache, Nick. That's the worst thing that can happen at this point.


We've all bee duped. Saban is not a NFL coach. He should go back to college coaching, where he belongs. He's no different from Wandstedtt and I'm sick of him already!
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