Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Trust The Nicktator ... or Die!!! Fans Asking For Saban's Firing Is Ridiculous

"Ill-fated. No chance.''

That’s what Nick Saban said about Daunte Culpepper’s costly interception against the Buffalo Bills Sunday. And that’s all it takes for me to stay faithful to the one they call the Nicktator. Why? Because he called it like it was. The old regime made an art out of making excuses for Jay Fiedler's lame duck passes. Saban? He called it ill-fated -- no chance. In other words: A dumb ass throw that should have never been made.

Saban's not perfect. He’s not going to make us into a Super Bowl winning dynasty in two weeks. But I have faith.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m still steaming about the Dolphins crapping the bed over the weekend in their match against the Bills. I’ve since calmed down some, but I’m still mad. And I still think that this team is nowhere near to being a playoff team with Culpepper at the helm.

I’ve also been surfing the interweb and reading a lot of fans’ comments about the team. Some are rational (like MSD reader Tyler) and some are batshit crazy. The crazy ones are calling for Nick Saban’s firing.

What the f%$#????

Look, things are bad. 0-2 is bad. And, as I pointed out in yesterday’s post, most of Saban’s ‘06 moves have been bad – including the signing of Culpepper over Brees. The Sun-Sentinel has even posted a poll asking readers to vote on which of his moves have been the worst so far. The only glaring omission from this poll is the one move I hate the most – the hiring of offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey.

Look, Ralph Wilson is the Bills owner. The guy is old. I mean leathery, stale raisins old. Ralph Wilson is so old, his Social Security number is 1. And yet this geezer saw it fit to let Mularkey go without a fight. Of course, there’s a good chance that Mularkey entered Wilson’s office to hand in his resignation, saw Wilson sitting at his desk, stopped, turned around, shuttered, let out an involuntary “Eaarghh!!” while flailing his body about as if he just stepped into a cobweb and walked out of the office without saying a word. He then faxed in his resignation.

You get the point.

Old man Wilson was hip to the fact that Mularkey was not worth fighting for to keep as a head coach. And the only thing hip about any old dude is the artificial one surgically implanted in him.

Mularkey and his play calling has been a joke. I’m still pissed off that we went away from Ronnie Brown when it was painfully obvious the Bills could not contain him. During a 1 O’clock game, in the Miami humidity against a team where it snows during the Summer solstice, with a still peg-legged QB at center – here’s a novel idea: run the ball!!! And when you stop running, run it some more!!! Run, run, run. Run until the Bills players vomit their breakfast from the heat exhaustion! Run, damn it RUN!!!!!

I believe we’re seeing a sort of Wandstedian Revival with our play calling. And yes, I blame Saban.


Fire him? That would be ludicrous. Seriously. Saban is about the only positive thing we have going on around here. I always wondered how long it would take for idiotic Miami fans to lose patience with Saban when it’s been clear from the beginning – this thing is going to take some time to fix. It took Jimmy Johnson 3 seasons to turn the Cowboys into a dynasty. Took Bill Cohwer a long, long time to win his ring with the Steelers. It’s going to take time, people.

Trust the Nicktator. He’s our Darth Vader. He’s the guy that turned us from a 4-11 laughing stock to a respected winner again. He’s the guy that’s going to see us through. Just shut up and let the man work. LET THE MAN BUILD THIS TEAM.

The Nicktator rules! Yea – I said it. What? You wanna fight me over it? Let’s get it on!



Good stuff Dude. Some fans can be crazy stupid. With that said, I blame Saban most of all for or 0-2 start. He needs to make better decisions as a coach and kick some ass like he did last year. I haven't seen that at all this year. Last year he was an angry, driven guy. This year, he looks a little defeated.

But you're right. We all need to chill and be patient. It's just really really hard when you're staring down the barrel of an 0-2 start.

That Darth Vader video is freaking hilarious!!!
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You crack me up, JD
I gotta say I was angry when I saw your headline here dude. But you make a good case. And that case is patience. Adimitdely I am one of the biggest knee jerk fans out there. But my disatisfaction with Saban started at the draft when he took Allen, whom I've never really liked and did not think deserved to be the 16th pick. His free agency signings have been awful. And I lean towards the whole he's a college coach, not an NFL coach.

But I'll be patient. It IS only his 2nd year. It's just tough dude.
Saban was totally out-coached last Sunday.

But he totally redeemed himself at the press conference when he talked abut his youth in West Virginia and going to swim at the waterfalls where all the girls hung out. The "Breaking Away" images he produced in my head have me completely forgetting that we've sucked ass so far this season!
Thanks for the shout out, Dude. I copied and pasted my previous MSD comments onto Armando Salguero's Herald blog comment section. That's where dumbass fans go to write stupid, irrational shit. Crazy what an 0-2 start does to people, eh?

By the way, the Vader video had me spewing coffee thru my nose during my break here at work.

agree on the Mularkey bit. I was sitting in a bar here in NYC fuckin' DUMBFOUNDED that we could not just continue to drill these fuckin' idiots in the mouth...Ronnie Brown is measty meaty good. Let's USE that fucker.
Cliff, you OBVIOUSLY are as obsessed about watching the press conferences as I am. HAHAHAHA...Saban loves to use that old school WV bullshit imagery.

Nick, we don't give a rat's ass about the gas station your pappy used to own near Morgantown. We DO, however, care about protection schemes.
"Ronnie Brown is measty meaty good"

Dat Roro Kid is a fellow KSK reader! Sweet!
Nick would have been better off saying in his press conference, "Relatively, we suck big floppy donkey dick right now."

Oh yeah, he did say that, only in more words. I thrive on Nick using the word relatively in every press conference.
Roro: Well said. More protection schemes less Mountaineer analogies. The WV stuff is funny though.

JD: And don't forget "in terms of" -- another one of his favorite lines.
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