Thursday, September 14, 2006

Red Flags and No Hitters ... Miami Sports Went On Without The Dude. I'm Shocked!! SHOCKED!!!

Shit I missed while I was climbing rocks & finding myself …

- The Canes Lost to FSU for the second straight year. Ever since Beano Cook picked us to beat Ohio State in the National Championship back in 2002, it’s been all down hill. Fuck you Beano Cook!

- Anibal Sanchez Throws A No-Hitter. One more mark in the glorious history of a baseball team no one gives a shit about. Well, except all 12 of us Marlins fans. The best part of this for me? Annoying the hell out of the displaced New Englanders down here. How’s that Josh Beckett trade working out for ya, chief?

- The Heat re-signed Gary Payton. Whoa boy. I guess I should back off since he helped us win the NBA Finals and all. But still. You know it’s going to be one more year of screaming at the TV: “PASS THE BALL GARY!”

- The Dolphins lost their Opening Night game. The defense played horribly and the Steelers showed us why pre-season hype is just empty noise. On the other hand, the media got to do what it does best: harp on a non issue and beat it into the ground. Saban didn’t throw the red flag in time! Oh no! ... Let’s move on, folks. Buffalo is in town. Time for Jason Taylor to make JP Losman shit his pants like that redneck that stabbed him a few months ago.

- Big props to JD and Kalibleek for checking in on me. I'm sure they were starting what was in their minds the preliminary stage of a homicide investigation. But, the Dude lives. By the way, Kali, here’s a tip for you: The next time you want to bet money on the Dolphins … don’t. Trust me.

P.S. I lost in my first game of the season in the SporTech Matter fantasy league. But I won my first game in the Deadspin league (the official league). So, there you go.


But I won my first game in the Deadspin league (the official league).

I'm gonna let that one slide THIS time dude. THIS TIME!

Welcome back brotha! I know you missed the wonderful no hitter so make sure you check out the video highlights. It was an amazing night in South Florida
Sorry. Here is a tinyurl for those Video highlights.
Ha ha... Sorry JD. I wasn't clear in my post. When I said "offical league" I meant the "official" Deadspin commenters league -- there's a few of them out there but the one I'm in is considered the "official" one. I guess because Will Leitch is a part of it. But I hold the SporTech league in just as much regard. :)

Thanks also for the video. I actually got to see the final innings of the no-hitter while I was away. ESPN aired it as it happened. Lucky for us they didn't jinx Sanchez like they've been doing with other near no-hitters and perfect games that have happened in the MLB this season. The latest victim was Chicago's Freddy Sanchez who lost his bid for a perfect game last night after ESPN started talking about it!

Anyway ... thanks for dropping by my man!
Just going to have to add the Dolphins to the list of teams NOT to bet on. At least temporarily, until Daunte and Ronnie get their asses in gear.
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