Monday, September 25, 2006

Can We Play Against Kerry Collins Every Week???



A 13-10 win against the Titans? Are you serious? 13-10 against one of the worst teams in the NFL? At home no less? Five sacks allowed to a defense that is averaging 1 sack – as a team – per game this season? And had any other quarterback besides the chronically shitty Kerry Collins been at center for Tennessee, this game would have been THE upset of the week.

Miami’s secondary continues to refuse to cover and or close in on people. The two interceptions? That’s what you get when Kerry Collins is the other team’s quarterback. Both passes were Fieldereske and the Fins just happened to have guys in the right place at the right time.

Zach Thomas – for all his heart and soul and scrappy play – looks like a man whose career has passed him by.

And where the hell has Jason Taylor been? I understand he’s going through personal issues. But could he at least show up when we play the crappy teams? You know, for old time’s sake?

The offensive line looks atrocious. Absolutely appalling. It’s a mystery to me that the Steelers didn’t get 85 sacks when the teams played in the season opener. I can’t get over how bad the offensive line is. Yes, Daunte Culpepper looks like a guy who just learned how to play the QB position a week and a half ago – but the pass protection needs to take a huge part of the blame here too. And, they can’t open up holes for Ronnie Brown. They just can’t. Brown’s limitless talent is being completely wasted. Thanks for nothing, Hudson Houck!

Olindo Mare. You, my friend, SUCK. Kickers that get paid the big bucks in the NFL can make their kicks from the in-field without excuses. Period.

Culpepper threw for a measly 168 yards against the Titans. THE TITANS! Those are Ray Lucas numbers! And Ray Lucas could at least run and THROW THE BALL AWAY WHEN THE PRESSURE CAME!!!!!

The win came because the Titans players began wilting in the South Florida September heat. As most people don’t know, summer lasts until December 15 here in Miami. The Fins also got the win because the Titans are so inept.

So, in essence, we can chalk this win up to nature and incompetence. Because it certainly had nothing to do with the Dolphins being any good.

Because they’re not. (And yes, if the Dolphins were 3-0 and winning games by 35 points, I’d be saying “WE are a very good team.” That’s how I talk. I’m a sports fan. I offer no apologies. Now fuck off!)

Any competent team would have sniffed out Chris Chambers’ end-around and stuffed him for a 15 yard loss. Any competent team would have intercepted Culpepper several times. And any competent team with even a half decent QB would have shredded the Dolphins secondary in this game.

Is it a win? Yea, sure. But see that picture up there? That’s what this win looks like to me.

Next week we face the Texans. And don’t assume we’re heading into Week 5 at 2-2 just because we’re facing the Texans. They have an actual quarterback who can, you know, actually throw the ball to wide open receivers. And they have two very outstanding receivers. And, dare I say, their offensive line is slightly better than ours. Also, the Texans defense is terrible. Which is to say, the Dolphins are just what the Texans defense needs to have themselves a big game!



And to think Mare wanted a pay raise this offseason. What becuase he has to kick off the infield dirt a few games a year? Fuck off Olindo.
See, there is something wrong when I am still pissed off even though we won...
Seriously ... I dont think I've ever felt this disheartened the Monday after a Dolphins win. What the hell is up with Culpepper? Why does he look so shitty? And I thought Saban was supposed to be a guru of the secondary but they're getting beat on every damn pass play!
The bottomline is Daunte's recovery was so overhyped its rediculous. The man is clearly not 100% and what amazes me is the most important key to keeping him healthy we didn't do shit about in the offseason, Offensive Line. When will this organization wake up and realize that we need to stay paying some players to contend. Hutch, Bentley, etc.. all come to mind. Would Ty Law have hurt in the secondary as well? I'm sick of this team being cheap.

/end rant

Sorry I know all our problems do not revolve around spending money but you see my point. Rather then spread the money around to mediocre talent, flash some money to those playmakers. Will Allen is not a playmaker, Ty Law is.
I agree. This team was way overhyped coming into the season. The free agents we got I think need more time to gel. Will Allen can be a good DB once he gets Saban's system down. Like I said in an earlier comment, this team is a couple of YEARS away from being a true contender but the hype and the desire to see a winner now is killing us.

Either way, I'll keep rooting for the Phins ... no matter how unpleasant.
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